Below are just some of my likes and dislikes, but not all of them and not in any particular order.

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Music- Mainly older "classic" rock and the Blues is what I listen to these days. But I also love Country, Folk, some Classical  and older Metal music. My favorite rock band is the Rolling Stones. I also love John Lennon , the Beatles and Hound Dog Taylor. If you're a fan, check out  my web sites that I have on them. When I was a DJ I did classic rock shows (before they called them that), country & western, heavy metal, easy listening and 50s & 60s oldies.

Weather & Meteorology - I've been into this since I was a kid. I did weather forecasts on the radio for awhile. I'm the weather spotter and coop reporter for Crestone, CO.. I got all the weather equipment out there at my house one would need to forecast with - barometers, thermometers, anemometer, rain gages, hygrometers, etc. Check out my Home Weather Station's current readings! ......
I love the summer but I need the winter. I love snow! The snow and winter out in Colorado is nothing like the snow and winter back in New York where I grew up. Temperature wise its colder here but it feels warmer because of the low humidity. Forty degrees Fahrenheit in NY with high humidity makes it feel the same as what twenty degrees F in Colorado feels like. The snow is almost always dry here in Colorado, except in the spring when we get that east cost type of wet snow. Most of the time you don't have to shovel the snow here. Just get a broom and sweep it away! The summers here are just as great and mostly real dry. No hot humidity. I have never seen a hot humid day ever in Colorado. Yes it can get hot, in the 90s F (even 100s in some locations) on the warmest days, but the heat index is usually a few degrees less than the temperatures. Nothing like a 10% humidity reading on a hot day, unlike what you get on the East Cost or down South. For the most part you really don't have spring or fall weather here. One day it could be sunny and in the mid 70s and the very next day it's in the 20s and snowy. This happens often in the spring & fall.

Hot Springs - I love to soak in hot springs. There are hot springs all over Colorado and several different ones near my home town alone. My favorite place to soak is Valley View Hot Springs. It's located down the road a bit from where I live. Hanging out there helps me reach nirvana! There are four main soaking ponds there (plus several smaller ones), plus a large hot springs fed swimming pool and a even hotter kiddie pool that the adults hog from the kids on the colder days.There's also a  new sauna with a small cooling plunge pool. Valley View sits on the edge of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains and has great views of not only the valley below but the surrounding mountains too. There is wildlife all over the place. The hot springs there are odorless and of late their water temperature has been between 88 to 106 degrees F. The rates there are very reasonable and it's great fun to spend a few nights in the main communal house (Oak House) if just to hang out with all these down to earth type of people the place attracts. There are also a few private cabins you can rent for the night and a good amount of camp sites too. The entire grounds are clothing optional (that includes over 2,000 acres with the Orient Land Trust). Most folks soak nude in the water. Check out their web site for more info.

Naturists - I know most naturists are misunderstood. I didn't understand the whole thing till I started to get into it a bit myself. When I was a kid I would visit one of the few nude beaches off Long Island. To understand naturism best, it helps to go to a naturists resort, where you will see that naturism has nothing at all to do with sex. True naturist resorts are not clothing optional, but 100% for nudist only, yet still they are in a non-sexual environment. Heck, most naturist resorts are family oriented. For more info check out the The Naturist Society's Web Site. Also feel free to read an article I wrote for Yahoo News about the subject matter in regard to present day naturism, it's titled "Naturism: On the Decline but Still a Way of Life for Many".

Zen - Nothing is better for the mind than Zen. I was into Zen before I even realized it. But I must be up front and say that I am not 100% into the whole Zen thing. It has some beliefs like all religions that I can never believe but its basic principal is what I dig. The idea to live a positive life with good goals and not to worry about some God or anything for that matter, is cool to me.

Marijuana - Why this harmless herb is still illegal today is beyond me. By far the laws against marijuana are amongst the most unjust in the world today. It's nice to see that medical marijuana is now legal in several states, including Colorado. We need to legalize it for all uses in all fifty states and all over the world, NOW! Lets fill our prisons up with real criminals and free those poor souls who are serving time for marijuana offenses.

Good Food - I'm an Italian chef, very good at it, plus I'm pretty good at cooking most non-Italian meals too, and I'm also a excellent baker (so my kids tell me!), too. However, I  do not partake in too much fry cooking. Years ago when I was learning to cook, my ex-wife Sue was the best southern fry cook around and she always took care of that, so I never learned too much of that style of cooking. Now days, if I want fried cooking, I get Jackie to whip up some of her delicious southern fried chicken which is even better than her Mom's (and that's saying a lot!). Other foods I like are: seafood,  pizza - especially NY pizza (one of the few things I miss about not living in NY), mild chili, Chinese food, green tea (ok, I know, that's a drink!), a good salad,  most junk foods - yes I got a sweet tooth and know how to bake up many different homemade treats, but I have cut down on how much of this crap I eat these days.

I do not eat fast-foods at all. It has been over 15 years since I last had a hamburger at a fast food restaurant. I prefer veggie burgers and eat them instead. I believe fast food is the worst kind of food that people could place in their bodies. But I also believe in the old saying: "to each his own", too. If you or anybody else wants to eat that kind of crap, it isn't any of my business.

I do not eat a lot of red meat. For over 25 years I only ate red meat a couple of times (at most) a year. But in the last few years that has changed a bit for me. Now I will eat red meat usually several days a month. I always loved the taste of meat, and I never liked the taste of most veggies. So many years ago when I found out how great soy tastes, well, if I can eat a vegetable that tastes just like delicious meat, instead of actually eating fatty meat, and at the same time get the goodness that comes from vegetables, well damn, I'll eat it! Why do I avoid eating a lot of red meat? I feel (and know) that too much red meat is bad for you. Really, too much of anything in life is not good for you (other than love). I find that I get far fewer stomach aches on a low meat diet. I don't have any other problems with eating meat, or "flesh", as my radical vegan nephew Joe calls it. I still like the taste of meat, and will always eat some meat, just not as much as the average person in the world does. I do believe us humans were meant to eat meat, but just not a whole lot.

Fellow Hippies -  Some of the most discriminated people out there are hippies. What is a hippie? A good question with all kinds of answers. Not enough room here to answer all that but I can tell you what their not.  Hippies are not what they were in the sixties, at least most hippies aren't. You don't have to have long hair anymore to be a hippie, or smoke pot, or do other drugs, be into free love, or like rock music or be a vegetarian. Check out the people of the Rainbow Family for more info. They may not use the word "hippie" there, but you will get the drift (hopefully, that is). Also check out my link down below on the what is the difference between a hippie and a hippy, there is a difference!

Gays - Another group of people who are badly discriminated against. Why do most straight people fear them? Religions are the main reason, IMO. Most holy books, including the bible, states it's a sin to be gay, what total rubbish! I have several gay friends and at least a couple of gay family members. They are just like anyone else, and I never worry about having my kids or myself around them, I could never understand why some people do. There is no question in my mind that most gay people are born that way. Those who fear gays and are not religious must have some kind of problem with their own sexuality and won't admit it. It's time we let gays have the same rights that everybody else has! Why the hell should they not be able to get married and be treated equally? Because a bunch of brainwashed religious people say so?

Football & The Denver Broncos - I love pro football (American football, that is) I was a season ticket holder for 10 years with the Broncos, but had to give them up when I moved to Crestone, as Denver is a good four hour drive - one way.

Basketball - I've loved this game since I was a kid. I love slam-dunks! I used to love the old ABA, now there was a cool, rebel-like league; and who didn't love that cool looking ball they played with? For the last 30 or so years I've loved the NBA Denver Nuggets. But I will say that the NBA has way too many rules, and stupid rules at that, which slow up the game. Plus the NBA also has the worst refs in all of professional sports.

Baseball - Baseball falls in both my likes and dislikes column. I grew up loving baseball, still do today, even if I love football and basketball more these days. I was first a Brooklyn Dodger fan, but was too young to really remember, then a Mets fan. I hated the Yankees growing up and still hate them today - but for different reasons now. I became a Rockies fans when they were formed, but I've been turned off by their management of late (off field, that is). I used to love to play the game, I was a catcher in my youth. Now days I still play ball with the grandkids and like to throw the ball around a bit with a couple of my friends who still play.

I also dig  anyone else who is different (but only different in a good way, that is)

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Note: I will mainly just list my dislikes. I will not get into to many main reasons, you know, bad karma and all that.

Right wing Christian fanatics and other Religious Groups who force their views on me and others.. (see God & Religion for more).

Richard Nixon - The only fellow human being that I ever hated. He was a true pig. Ok, I would have hated others like Hitler, but he was a few years before my time.

George W Bush - This guy is even worst a human being than Pig Nixon was! Bush plain out stole the two presidential elections that he ran in. He is the all time worst  ever president of the US, and there is so much more negitive things I could write about this terrible man, but I'll stop here.

Prejudice People - I don't hate them but feel sorry for them. What a sad life, hating others just because they are not the same color or religion, etc. as they are.

Baseball - Not the game itself, but most Major League baseball owners who ruin the game. They are a very prejudice group. The current commissioner of baseball is a pig, enough said!

Bad Food - I don't care for any foods that are too HOT! I love Mexican food - but only if its real mild. I always hated any kind of peppers; lentils (yuck!); meat loaf (the one meat dish I detest); olives, gosh, there must be some more, but I'll stop here.