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Name: Pdog
Subject: How Well The Stones Treat The Fans
Date: Saturday, September 27, 2003
Time: 9:13:11 AM
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How Well The Stones Treat The Fans

"I've Go No Expectations"

I don't even expect a tour, never did. Last year the US got one of the best Rolling Stones tours since 1972. I paid between $100.00 and $150.00 a ticket. I went to 4 shows in the bay area where I live and 1 in what could be my future home of Denver.

I saw the band play about 20 songs a night and had great to very good seats every show. Must be my karma.

$150.00 divided by 20 is $7.50. I think $ 7.50 was the price of a ticket way back in 72'. I believe that what I pay for a cup od coffee today is twice what minumum wage was then, i don't know. When I was 13 and saw The Stones the first time I think a days pay at minimum wage about paid for a ticket. That's not important, I don't know how ticket prices have been adjusted and compared to inflation. I can make 150.00 in one day now, so for me at least I'm not digging any financial holes by seeing The Stones.

I felt more than happy to see my favorite band play all these songs for about $7.50 or a little more a song, what a bargain. I was so close, and so happy. This is my favorite band...I was seeing The Rolling Stones.

The fan site, is free... They put up videos clips of songs , picture interviews ect... How cool to give me this for free. All I did was buy a ticket for a show and that's it. Someone called the web site just a t-shirt store. I did buy some stuff from it, but it was pretty cheap. They were having a clearance sale and since I love The Stones, what's wrong with a t-shirt? I have a few Giants and Raiders shirts, my kid wears Elmo shirts... I was a little lost at why it's wrong for a band to sell their shirts. FYI, the T-shirt biz is very lucrative. A close friend of mine is making a killing doing it. This is funding his reitremnet not his band, great foresight.

Every band sells swag and shit and the prices are about the same for shirts at any show I've been to the past few years.

A read alot here about ticket prices and fans feeling ripped off. I felt bad for these fans. Why? I thought it does suck prices may be to high for some people, but I remembered the scene out front of most of the shows and cheap tickets flying around everywhere. I remember giving away a ticket to a woman who obviously couldn't afford one, I still get a rush off remembering watching her face light up. The point, anyone here who actually read what old timers posted, would know that tickets could be bought cheaply and easy. So if you paid too much, you paid it and did so willingly. I go to a few shows a year still. In my lifetime I've seen more shows than I can remember. I suggest everyone do this. It may put things in perspective for you if you feel cheated. Rock and roll is not dead, in fact it's just getting started.

So... The band doesn't need to tour, they are rich and their kids kids are rich... So why do they do it? It's hard work and when you are twice the age plus of the average touring band I'm sure it takes a toll and gets old fast. They did it for us. The fans. The casual and die hard, young and old. They did it so night after night we could hear a few of the greatest songs ever written and performed. They played Stadiums to thousands upon thousands, they played clubs to a thousand. Setlist variety, yes. Unbelievable variety.

I'm grateful, I'm happy. Thanks you guys, Keith, Charlie, Ronnie and the other guy(lol). You didn't have to do it and you did it for me, and a few of my friends. If I never see The Stones again, I'm satisfied. They gave me so much joy and I have lot's of albums and tons of bootlegs to relive and enjoy shows I went too and the ones I didn't.

My one want and hope. That they do tour again, so I can take my son. Hopefully I can get my Dad to join us and share the Worlds Greatest Rock and Roll Band with the guy who played them for me the first time and the guy who showed me the "yeah, yeah, yeah whoo's" in Brown Sugar are timeless.


See ya Sunday


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