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Name: Dandelion
Subject: RE: RE: Some questions on the Vet
Date: Friday, September 20, 2002
Time: 9:07:07 AM
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RE: RE: Some questions on the Vet

Question - does Mick really touch himself on stage!??? Has he always? Something new? I guess it's not the sort of thing I look for since I really cannot (or will not I guess) get past the polite averted eyes opposed to a strong gaze thing in any sort of human interaction whether it's with performers you assume can't see you or not. Just too demure(but not woolly so back off nanker and Joey!)

Do you think he ponders the enormity of the symbol thing he has somewhat/definite absurdly found himself in? Sort of like you can tell David Bowie has analyzed it to death. What do you think? Do you think he avoids it? Too freaky to live with?

The difference between the performers and audience relations in venues...I read what you wrote about the Aragon - but do you really think Mick lets himself go at all anymore - if ever really? Maybe way back in the day when he was stoned out of his mind and couldn't help it, but I think he is a very controlled creature. Just my take.

Is it weird that we're analyzing this? I don't know...I think there may be some sort of philosophical fame/symbol/being (more being?)/infinite variety of projections on many levels/Aging and mortality fears/putting stuff out there that makes a lot of people squirm...

"tufts of ass hair" close did you get to the stage at the Vet's?

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