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Name: Keno
Subject: Poll Post for the week starting Monday, March 13
Date: Sunday, March 12, 2023
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Poll Post for the week starting Monday, March 13

So, with the new week here, it’s time to talk about our 2 remaining polls in our Poll Post, and as usual we’ll start off looking at the Stones poll first, where we enter week 1,231 of this poll and week 122 of rating their songs. So here’s this week’s question: Rate the Stones song “The Last Time”, from zero (lowest) to 10 (highest).

“The Last Time”, from one the Stones’ single front covers for the song

Recorded in the Sates at RCA studios in Hollywood, California on January 11 and 12, 1965, it was released as a UK single on February 26, 1965 and as a U.S. single a few weeks later on March 13, 1965, and also in several other countries. It was then released on the Stones U.S. version of their LP Out Of Our Heads on July 30, 1965, but kept off the UK version of the album.

Credited to Jagger/Richards, Mick wrote the lyrics and according to Keith Richards, Brian Jones came up with the main guitar riff and played that on the song. Yet years later, after Brian’s passing, Keith must have forgotten what he claimed years earlier and at that time claimed he wrote the riff and gave it to Brian to play. That's unlikely, as most sources claimed BJ came up with the riff - and Keith almost always kept his riffs to himself to play, as that’s how it went with Brian, too. Plus Keith, in yet another early interview, was even quoted as saying exactly that was how it was in the band in the early days, as to who played any one riff. But as usual, Keith got credited for writing Brian's music in these cases (then again, he also got credited for writing music that Bill Wyman and Mick Taylor wrote, too).

"The Last Time" became a big hit for the band, going to #1 in the UK (in fact, it was 58 years ago this week that happen) and in 8 other European countries, although it barely saw the Top 10 in North America, reaching only #9 in both the U.S. and Canada.

The lineup for this song was: Mick Jagger – Lead Vocal; Brian Jones – Lead Electric Guitar; Keith Richards – Backing Vocal, Rhythm Electric Guitar (plus solo); Bill Wyman – Backing Vocal and Bass Guitar; Charlie Watts – Drums; with Jack Nitzsche on Tambourine. To rate this week’s song, just click on the following link: Stones Weekly Poll.

Last week at the Stones poll, we asked this: Rate the Stones song “Beast of Burden”, from zero (lowest) to 10 (highest).

“Beast of Burden”, from the Stones’ single front cover sleeve. I’m not sure just what Mick Jagger was thinking with using this photo on the cover

“Beast of Burden” scored a 10 last week, as it should had, with 63% of the first place vote and with that score, it comes in 27th place in the Stones standings - the best showing and highest placing for a Ron Wood era song by the band - however, another one of Ronnie's song that the Glimmers claimed for themselves (and didn't credit him for writing it, but it was still Ronnie's song and he did play on it with the band, too) "It's Only Rock n Roll (But I like it)", placed 8 spots higher in those same standings with its ten rating when we rated that one. But of course, that was recorded before the Ron Wood era started, as Mick Taylor was still in the band when that one was made and Ronnie wasn’t a Stone yet.

To see the full, finial results from this poll, just click here: Stones Weekly Poll - week 1,230. Or, to see the Stones rating standings that I just noted above, just click on here: Stones Song Ratings & Standings - List Page 5

Wow, it’s still weird to have no Classic Rock Poll to write about in this part of the Poll Post, but for one last time, keep in mind that the poll’s archives for this poll will remain up at the Rock Poll's Archive Pages and of course, on all of the Rock List Pages, which comes from these polls, will always be online to check out - all 18 pages of them, starting with the very first Rock List Page 1, here.

Plus of course, the Ongoing Rock Polls also live on, so remember, you can vote in those polls once a year. You can find these polls at the Poll Menu Page!

Now we’ll look at the Beatles Weekly Poll, which enters week 620 of voting, and week 54 of rating their songs. This week’s question asks: Rate the Beatles song, “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” , from zero (lowest) to 10 (highest)

“While My Guitar Gently Weeps” Tribute painting by Robert Lyn Nelson

Written by George Harrison and recorded in 1968 on July 26, and also on August 16 of that same year, and then some more work went into it on September 3, 5, and finally on the 6th (when the well-known guitar riff by Eric Clapton was added to it), then released on The White Album on November 22, 1968 in the UK, and on November 25, 1968 in the U.S. Many felt this was George's best ever written song, be it while in the Beatles - or solo. He was inspired to write the song after reading the Chinese I Ching text. He started to realize after reading it that the whole hippie philosophy of peace and love, that he wished to embrace, couldn’t ever be so and that universal love wasn't really ever possible. I’ve never read I Ching myself, and perhaps I’m glad I didn’t.

Not all of the words George wrote for this song was used in the finial released of the number, including lyrics that would be looked at to be negative, but heard years later in boots and in special Beatle releases, like "I look at the trouble and hate that is raging, while my guitar gently weeps. As I'm sitting here, doing nothing but ageing …". But it was still a sad song as released anyway, yet it was a major hit where it came out as a single, too, seeing #1 in Australia, Austria, Switzerland, and West Germany, yet it wasn’t released as a single in any of the other major countries including in the UK or the U.S. It should have been, IMO.

John Lennon played the lead guitar on the song early on, using tremolo, until Clapton came by for a visit on the last day of recording. In the end, John's main contribution to the tune ended up to be his organ playing, which he had also played on some of the sessions for the song, while his guitar was edited out and only kept and heard near the song's ending on the released version. So, the lineup for this one was: George Harrison – Lead and Backing Vocals, Acoustic Guitar; Paul McCartney – Harmony Vocal, Piano, Bass Guitar; John Lennon – Organ, Electric Guitar with tremolo at the song's close; Ringo Starr – Drums, Tambourine, Castanets; with Eric Clapton on Lead Guitar and of course, the song’s Producer was George Martin.

To rate this song and vote in this week's Beatles poll, just click on this link: Beatles Weekly Poll.

In last week’s Beatle Poll, we asked this: Rate the Beatles song, “Get Back” , from zero (lowest) to 10 (highest)

“Get Back” Single’s front cover

Well, Paul's song did fantastic last week, with a 10 rating that took in 95.1% of the vote, making the Top 5 in the Beatles song standings. To see those standings, just click here: The Beatles Song Ratings and Standings Page . Or, to take a look at the poll’s full finial results, just go there: Beatles Poll, week 619.

So that does it for this week's Poll Post..... Tell me, if you live in the U.S. (other than those living in Hawaii or Arizona) how did you like losing an hour of sleep Saturday night? Yep, that terrible waste of time called Daylight Saving (nothing) Time took place Sunday morning - unless you live in the 2 states noted where there’s no DST, or in most other places like most of Europe, most of the rest of North America, parts of Africa and Asia and in a few other places, where they get to experience this same bullshit in 2 weeks’ time instead). What is wrong with the world in doing this? It leads to people dying from heart attacks in the first few weeks after it starts - a fact, and saves the world no money or energy at all, another fact. In other cases, it leads to confusion, and I get to experience that even as an old and mainly retired man, as it affects me in this way every summer day, as my last official job that I still work at (and it’s a volunteer job at that) as an official for the National Weather Service (NWS), the daily reports that I keep for them for my home town, and send in to them 365 days a year via the internet, instead of my sending in that info at midnight, during DST it needs to wait an extra hour, since you can't skip an hour when taking weather records, so I can’t report to 1am now (lucky I’m a night owl). So yes, the NWS stays on standard time year round, and when you take records during the day and note the time of an event - like when it snowed a bit today at 1 pm, and I noted that, I then realized later on that it actually snowed at noon standard time, and had to make a change in the daily logs. Yeah, simple things like that bugs me, especially now as an old man. Not only can't I escape time slipping away in the winter of my life, I can't even get the time of day right thanks to DST! I can't wait until fall gets here and this nonsense ends (although by then I might have to retire from doing that, too)!

Gee, it been a while since I last bitched about anything, as I decided to stop doing that and just be happy to be alive from now on, but sooner or later, something bugs me that I can't control, and that means it’s a negative thing that is happening. But hay, guess I should just be happy and maybe just quit this last job if I'm gonna let DST bug me when I perform it. I tell ya, it ain't worth worrying about, so I'll stop bitching now! I do hope all of you have a happy week ahead, and please, if you live in the U.S., don't have a heart attack this week over your lack of sleep and feeling a bit out of step with things!


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