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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: 2021 - Happy New Year!....Yeah!
Date: Friday, January 01, 2021
Time: 2:38:42 PM
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RE: 2021 - Happy New Year!....Yeah!

Ditto to that pluto!!

Now, since this is our Poll Board today, and last week's and last years polls are in the archives, here's a link to the latest Poll Post and polls we are still running this week: Weekly Polls for the last week in December, 2020 So please vote if you haven't yet this week!

I'm also happy to see that at the least - while I still can't add in anything to this board thanks to the server issues, I can at least change and update the copyright to reflect the new year. But while I'm never one for New Year resolutions, this year I got one for sure, and that is, well.... I got two of 'em.....

1) Get a new host for the domain! After over 20 plus years with the old host, I can't take the crap from the new owner who inherited the business from his daddy and whom doesn't know or have a clue to what he's doing (other than driving his daddy's baby into the ground). But while I'm stuck with this hosting company until September, I will for sure look around for a new host before that time is up.

2)Get rid - once and for all - of the ASP programing that this old board (and our Polls) run on. This part is going to be a bit harder to do, since there are limited, good programmers around these days that will know how to transfer everything here and at the polls, to a non ASP format - while still being able to get the entire mess to work correctly without losing data. The "losing data" part is what will be tricky, and why now 3 years since Gasland closed it's doors, we are still using this old, broken board to talk about the new polls each week. But that has to be worked on long before September, since with this old ASP programming still in place, I'm stuck on using only old servers made before 2002-3, since the modern day servers don't run ASP any longer (but from what I understand, they can still show old ASP pages - but the ASP coding just won't operated any longer). So while the old Gasland archives can be saved to a new server - as long as I get a new board to post the polls on, that shouldn't be a big deal to do. But, the polls - which as you know are still active - and still running - that is where the true work and possible problems will be. It's gonna cost a bunch of cash to do this, and more so, finding the right programmer to do it, too, so the polls can still operate like they do today - and again - without losing any data!

Now something else that I haven't talked about at all here, not until now..... My life has somewhat been put on hold of late (for the last 5 months or so), because of a serious health issue I've been dealing with that could become fatal if I don't watch and take special care of myself. But as of just a few days ago, I got great news from my doctors and at least for now, let's say that I got a new lease on life, one that I hope will stick, and I can now again, start planning on living to be a true old man and not leaving this planet before I even see the age of 70. Of course I still have to watch myself and see more doctors - which I'm at this time totally sick of doing, and while I don't wish to go into detail as to what is wrong with me, other than it's something only old people get, for now it does look like I turned the corner, and I don't wish to turnaround and go back, so for now I'm thinking positive again and planning for things in the future again that don't include planning for my demise. Yet if I learned one thing from all of this, is it ain't no fun thinking that you're maybe dying and that your life is almost over, especially when you know deep down that this life is the only real, true life that we know is 100% for real. So with a little luck, I'm still gonna be around for a long time running the polls here and doing whatever I wish to do in the real world.

Oh, one last thing.... As you may have noticed, there hasn't been any Mumbo Jumbo written up by me in several months, since dealing with my health issues no question, got in the way of my writing it. But now with a clear mind, I plan to get back to that - hopefully in the next week, not that I got a clue of what I'll write about yet. But heck, one of my doctors actually told me to do this - if I get off on writing, well, start doing it again and that will help to free my mind of the health issues I've been dealing with of late. So, I guess I will. Heck, this post was almost a short Mumbo Jumbo in itself!

But yes, a Happy New Year to all! I'm still blown away by the number of lurkers (readers) this board sees every single day - even with just 5 or 6 posters here today to post replies to me. I've noted that there's actually about 15 former Gassers who can still post here, but since we haven't seen half of them around anymore, I guess they are gone for good. But no, I'm not going to reopen the board again, I like the non-work that I now have here while people are still reading this place for what's left to it. Yet with that said, any old Gasser can still get ahold of me if they wanna start positing again - even if this is just a Poll Post board today.

Stay well and safe my friends! It is great to be alive, and the best news for all of us is that.... 2020 is finially over!

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