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Name: Keno
Subject: RE:I should have noted yesterday
Date: Tuesday, October 13, 2020
Time: 11:09:40 AM
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RE:I should have noted yesterday

While the server the domain is on is still messed up - and for at least the next week, depending on when you vote, there may be a delay in seeing your vote results or even the true vote count, since to make sure no votes get lost when the server dies again, most of the votes are being save in what I call a "reserved file" until I approve them and place them online myself. I had this admin feature built into the polls years ago, and actually still use it today to stop spammers, which never been a major problem here anyway, but I still like the protection and once in a blue moon a spammer does shows up, as they are just a part of the law of averages. But this file and system can be used for other purposes, like when a server problems hits. What this means is your vote is even more secure than normal when the system is running, but your vote just might not show up on line instantly, as it and most of the other votes are just being saved in this storage file until I release them. Once I do, the updated results will all show up instantly.

Since the domain is going on and off line about every 2 or 3 hours right now, it makes sense to do this. I just only now released most of yesterday's votes, and they are now showing. If you had been here just 15 minutes ago, you would have noticed each poll had few votes showing since the totals showing at that time were from around 3 pm yesterday afternoon. Then a few minutes later if you rebooted the page you would have see hundreds of new votes showing for each poll since I released the vote data and it automatically populates the held votes to each poll. So if you did see that, the Stones poll went from about 60 votes - to well over 350 votes in minutes, and that's all that was, and no, it wasn't spam, it was just me releasing the saved votes that haven't shown yet. Usually I'll do this in the middle of the nite, but the domain was down last night when I planned to release the data, so it only just got done. So far, a pretty much normal vote count to this week's polls I see. But don't worry, the database is working fine and when you vote, your vote won't get lost when I'm using this system, it will show up soon, believe me.

I thank all of you for hanging in there while this server issue is being resolved!

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