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Name: Keno
Subject: Poll Post for the week starting Monday, Feb 3
Date: Monday, February 03, 2020
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Poll Post for the week starting Monday, Feb 3

With this Poll Post we enter week 1071 of the weekly Stones poll, and here is the new question that we will answer: Which Stones disco song is the worst of the worst?

Yes, I really hate to have to run yet another negative question in the Stones poll for this new week, after running one last week (even if it was well received), but in the future I will be running a Rock poll asking for the worst disco song put out by a classic Rock band or artist. To cut down on how many Stones songs will be listed in that poll, I'll ask this question, this week, and have you fans decided which of the disco songs the Stones released, was the worst. Depending on how the votes line up will determine how many of the songs we vote on this week get listed in that Rock poll. More than likely only 2 or 3 will, but let's first see which ones us fans hate the most....

The good news is that there are only 8 true Stones disco songs (maybe 2 or 3 other songs, like “Undercover Of The Night" could be argued to be disco music, but I'll let those tunes slide since they are borderline). But for this poll, I actually like 3 of the 8 songs listed. "Miss You" was of course pure disco and while I'm not crazy about it, I still can stomach it, too. But then “Miss You” shows up a second time on the list since the Stones released more than one version of the song, with the second version being much longer - and a bit more disco sounding, too. Don’t worry, you won’t get the 2 songs mixed up when you go to vote, they got clear enough wording to make sure that doesn’t happen, plus these 2 songs (well all 8 of them) will have YouTube links to them so you can hear the difference between the songs before you vote.

Then we got another song that I can stomach a bit but ain’t crazy about, that being "Hot Stuff", and for me, while I can see why "Emotional Rescue" is looked at as being disco, it's a song that I like very much. Now with the next 2 songs, you must not confuse their original, non-disco versions with what is listed in this poll. Those 2 songs being "Rock and a Hard Place" (we are only looking at its very long, hard disco version) and "Too Much Blood" (which also has a very long disco version) . One of those 2 songs I'll be voting for – and one is worse than the other, yet I do like both of their original, non-disco versions.

The other 2 disco Stones songs that I haven't noted yet are two other songs that I don't care for at all, they are "Dance Pt 1", and "If I Was a Dancer (Dance Pt 2)". Yuck to both - but - they are still better than the long disco versions of "Rock and a Hard Place" and "Too Much Blood", IMO.

Now again, for all of these songs, in case you never heard say the disco takes of them or if you just forgot about how any of the songs listed sound, there are links to the songs in the poll's voting booth so you can give then a listen before you vote… Anyway, it's now time to make your choice as to what you feel was the worst disco song put out by the Stones. To vote, just click here: Stones Weekly Poll.

Looking back at the results for our Stones poll last week, the question asked: Of the songs that Jagger/Richards didn't write yet took credit for, which one was their biggest steal?

The young Glimmer Twins

At last week's Stones poll, well, before this poll ran, I was half wondering if maybe there was too much of a low happening at these polls, especially at the Stones poll, since poll numbers were somewhat down in the last year, with 2019 being the first year in the domain's history that our polls didn't see an increase in total votes cast per week from the year before. Now yes, Gasland was closed as of January 31 of '19 and sure, I know that would affect the poll count some, resulting in lower poll numbers - and it did. But the truth of the matter was that the numbers weren't really that bad, all of the polls were still seeing more than a thousand votes cast each per week and where we used to vote in 5 weekly polls each week, we were now down to just 4 weekly polls a week, and that was actually the main reason poll numbers were down (since we ran one less poll a week). But then there were also a lack of Poll post responses here at the Poll board, too, but on that one I was the one to blame, since I haven't been giving out any new passes to post responses with…. Then last week I asked and ran a negative question as far as the Glimmer Twins went; it was a poll I wrote up a long time ago and never ran since it was, well, negative, and I was thinking that some fans might not care for it. But I finally felt this question needed to be run regardless, and now after the week is up, clearly going by the response it got, well yes, it needed to be run indeed.

Stones fans very much did wanted to vote and give an answer to this negative question, as what happen last week was that our Stones poll saw a record turnout, the biggest turnout in the 1,070 weeks of running this poll (or 20 and one half years of running new weekly polls each week). Yeah, it took almost 21 years to see this high a number of voters to turn out to vote in this one poll. I guess negative question sometimes work great, and almost 1800 votes were cast for this poll last week!... smashing the old record high number of votes cast at the Stones poll which was 1545 votes. That's also more votes ever cast for our weekly Beatles polls, and the Video and VS polls, too, and just a bit short of the all-time domain record for most votes in one single week by one poll that the Rock Poll still holds. The Rock poll for the last 15 years or so has been the main poll on the domain and always the most voted on of the weekly polls, so with that noted, last week’s record Stones poll was the 4th most voted on Poll ever run on the domain overall. But it was also the second week in a row that the Stones poll beat out the Rock poll for most votes cast in the week. So I guess I can say and can see that the Weekly Stones Poll is on a roll and still doing fine!

So we asked this somewhat negative question last week that was: Of the songs that Jagger/Richards didn’t write yet took credit for, which one was their biggest steal?, and the top choice was IMO, the correct choice, that being Ruby Tuesday, with part of the lyrics and all of the music written by Brian Jones", receiving most of the first place votes – by several votes. While Keith Richards did help Brian write the lyrics to the song, Jones wrote all of the music, and that's a fact. I mean, does anybody really think that Richards could have written the recorder part to this one, or even that fantastic piano part that is heard in the song?... Second place went to: Jumping Jack Flash - Lead guitar riff written by Bill Wyman, opening guitar riff written by Brian Jones. Wyman noted in his book, Stone Alone about this song; that he came up with the song's main riff when playing piano and then gave the riff to Keith, while to this day, Keith still hasn't ever played the opening, different guitar riff live, although he tired once to play it in the 1980s and failed at it, so I been told by a Gasser who was at the show in New Jersey the one time he tried. But have you ever wondered why he doesn't ever try to play the opening part of this song even once in a while, when the band plays this song at pretty much at every single live show? The only other time they played this opening riff live was in the UK at the Poll Winners Concert in 1968, when Brian Jones was still in the group and played it.... To round out the Top 3 spots from this poll, we have in third place, with 3 less votes than JJF: Honky Tonk Woman - Main guitar riff was written by Ry Cooder. With this song, Cooder was so pissed off at Richards over his stealing the main guitar part of the song and not giving him any credit, that Cooder refused to ever speak to Richards again.

Now I don't ever talk about 4th place in these poll results, but since Mick Taylor quit the band over the Glimmers stealing his songs, I'll note that this choice: Sway - Music written by Mick Taylor, lyrics by Mick Jagger along with "Moonlight Mile", are the 2 main songs that pissed Taylor off when they were stolen away (BTW, “Moonlight Mile" tied for the next spot), and since I noted this, "Sway" actually tied for 4th with a song that I would have picked second if I could (but none of us can), that being this choice: 2000 Light Years From Home - Brian Jones wrote the far-out music heard in the song for the mellotron. Had BJ not written that added part of this already rejected song, none of us fans ever would have heard that song.

So yes, a negative question that you fans totally responded to, as most fans do understand what really did happen when it came to the Glimmers not giving others their due credit...... To see the final results from this poll, just click here: Stones Weekly Poll - week 1,070. Or you can check out the top 5 picks listed on the Stones Fans’ Top Picks List, Page 1, on the very bottom of the page.

Okay, let’s move on over to this week’s Classic Rock Poll, where we enter week 711 of voting, where we vote on 2 different Rock Poll questions for this poll. The first poll’s question asks this: What's the best Rock Song written about dogs, or has 'dog' in its title? (Part 1 of 3)

Dogs dig Rock music, too!

This week we go from horses to dogs. Out here in the rural parts of U.S. west, a lot of people own horses, and there's many horses here in the town I live in, as it isn't uncommon to see somebody riding their horse down the main street (well maybe not as much in the winter time). But that's why last week's question was asked, and then while the question was running, I started thinking, well, dogs and cats still come before horses as far as ownership goes in the U.S., and I bet all over the world, too. So then I found this stat, showing that in the U.S., 44% of Americans own a dog while only 29% own a cat. But among pet owners in general, 73% own a dog and 49% own a cat. To break it down just a bit more, pet ownership among the American public breaks down this way: 27% own a dog but not a cat, 12% own a cat but not a dog, 17% own both, 3% own pets other than cats or dogs, and 40% do not own any pets at all. The 2 states with the highest percentage of dog owners are Idaho (at 58%) and Montana (at 52%), while the lowest percentage of dog owners are in states of Rhode Island (only 26%) and New York (just 27%). But anyway, while cats are still well loved (and I totally love my old buddy Cheezy), our dogs are still our best friends by far. I actually have a close friend who is single and who refuses to replace his late best friend, his dog, that died of old age a few years back, since his dog's loss still hurts him so much now that he's gone. Yet I try to tell him, getting a new dog will take the pain away from losing his old friend. But he's almost 70 now and feels that he'll be the one to die before any new dog that he gets and who would take care of his pet once he's gone? But yes, I don't have to tell you how most of us love our pets almost as much as we love our kids, since our dogs and cats are our kids, too.... So at the moment, my family's dog, Nova, has been very sick and I got a terrible feeling that he's not gonna be around too much longer. He's actually 2 years younger than our cat, and while many of our dogs and cats will live to their late teens, many of them just won't make it that far. Here in Colorado, while we love our dogs and cats like elsewhere, because our elevation is do damn high up (my town sits at 8,100 feet on average), our dogs and cats live on average 2 years less than those who live at sea level, thanks to the lack of oxygen here. Most humans adjust to living high up, just fine, but dogs and cats, not as well. Heck, our poor Nova is just 11 and yep, he has breathing issues. Obviously, the kids and I are hoping for the best for him. Anyway, I dedicate this week's doggie poll to him!

Our dogs are just so damn loyal to us! It's our strong love for dogs as to why there are so many songs written about them. We only cover rock based songs in this poll of course, as you all know, and I came up with 50 songs to list along with about another 20 or so I didn't list since so many are deep cuts that aren't really well known at all. Of course, had I included country songs in the poll, I bet I would have had to run this question for 2 to 3 months! I haven't yet put the next Rock poll question together yet that I would like to ask about cats, but I got a feeling I won't have as many songs to list when it’s time to do that, but then again, I won't know for sure until I get around to putting that list together.

Now the interesting thing about this question, I noted last week with the horses poll, which only ran for one week, that several of the songs weren't about horses but had "horse" in the title. That isn't gonna be the case with this doggie poll, as almost all of them are about dogs (just 2 or 3 per week aren't). So 25 songs will be voted on this week and another 25 in 2 weeks, then for Part 3, the songs that get the most votes in Parts 1 and 2 will go up against each other in round 3. You know, the way we always handle a multi-week poll!

To cast your vote in this week’s first Rock dog poll, just click here: Classic Rock Poll, and when you get to this page, choose “Poll 1” to vote on this question.

For our second Rock question of the week, we have the video polls, and will ask this: Rate The Crazy World of Arthur Brown's performance video of “Fire”

Fire’s single sleeve

For this week's video poll, we look at the group named "The Crazy World of Arthur Brown", led by lead singer Arthur Brown - who was, yes, crazy indeed! The song for this video was called "Fire" and Brown would actually - for real - set the top of his head on fire when the band played this song live! - and also did so for the video. Like I said he was crazy (and mad!). Several times he ended up hurting himself bad by burning the top of his head, which lead to his finally having to stop doing this stunt. Brown performed the stunt by wearing a burning helmet on his head. The helmet was actually a leather skull cap which had a bolted metal dish in it that held lighter fluid or gasoline. But the cap was not insulated and well, as noted, he got burned several times. When he performed the song, he almost never got to the end of the song still wearing the burning helmet, as the burning pain he had to endure would get intense, so usually half way thru the song off it came when he could stand the heat no more. But damn, what some with do for their jobs…. or fame!

Known at the time of their first album release in 1966 as an English psychedelic acid rock band, the song "Fire" was released 2 years later, was really early Heavy Metal, and of course, psychedelic acid rock was where Heavy Metal came from. Yet there were actually no guitars used on this one song, as it was driven by a frenzy lead keyboard/organ and heavy drumming. The bass part to this song was played by a guy I think you all know, future Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood, who was standing in for the band's regular bassist at the time. The song was produced by The Who's Pete Townshend. "Fire" was then released in 1968 as a single and sold over one million copies. It made the Top 10 all over the world, including reaching #1 in both the UK and Canada, and number two on the U.S. on the Billboard Hot 100 chart (it couldn’t get pass "Hey Jude" by The Beatles at the time which sat in first place on the chart). But the song was flat out a great tune indeed, and it's video was so wild because of Brown (who with his black hair and heavy makeup, looked a lot like singer Alice Cooper) with his lighting his head on fire, well, nobody ever saw anything close to that in 1968 - or really ever since! BTW, this clip comes from the Top of the Pops TV show that aired on July 18, 1968. The band's original drummer, the late Drachen Theaker, played the drums on the original song, but by the time the song was released and this show aired, Carl Palmer was by then the band's new drummer and in this video (not that you can really make him out with the crazy costume that he's wearing). Palmer after 2 years in the band, would join the famous trio of Emerson, Lake & Palmer.

To vote in this week’s crazy Arthur Brown video poll and to also check it out, click here: Classic Rock Poll, and when you get to this page, choose “Poll 2” to vote on this question.

Last week in our first Rock Poll, the question was: What's the best Rock Songs written about horses, or has 'horse' in its title?

Wild stallions fighting in Colorado

I don’t think any of us was surprised to see that “Wild Horses” by the Stones, took first place in this poll with a nice size margin, with 22% of the vote. Second place went to Michael Martin Murphey with his song about a horse named “Widfire” (with 18.5% of the vote). In third place was another excellent song about a wild horse called “Chestnut Mare” by The Byrds (at 18.4%). After that, all of the other songs fell way back in the voting.

To see the full, final results from this poll, just go here: Classic Rock Poll, week 710, Poll 1. Or to view the top results on the Top 10 list page, you can do so by clicking here: Top Ten Lists, Page, 16. The results are located at the bottom of the page.

Last week in the Rock Video Poll we voted on this Rate Neil Young's unplugged live performance video of “Needle And The Damage Done”

Neil Young playing the song “Needle And The Damage Done”

How could anybody rate this song low? Well, nobody did, as 6 was its lowest rating - and that only saw 2 votes as it was. Most of the votes went to spots 9 and 10, with 10 the top choice, taking in 42.4% of the first place votes, and with 41.5% going for a rating of 9.

To see the full, final results from this poll, just go here: Classic Rock Poll, week 710, Poll 2. Or to view the video standings and see where this one fits in on that list page, you can do so by clicking here: Top Ten Lists, Page, 16. The standings are located near the top of the page.

As usual, we finish up this week’s Poll Post talking about the Beatles. This is week 462 of polling, and we’ll still in the middle of answering questions about how much we like or dislike the Beatles albums covers, so here’s the new question: Rate the artwork for the front cover of the Beatles LP, Yesterday and Today (original butcher cover)

Yesterday and Today's butcher cover

Yesterday and Today was the Beatles ninth album released on Capitol Records and the 12th American release overall. Released on June 20, 1966, it was yet another #1 hot hit album in both the U.S. and Canada. But it had one issue, that being, its cover. Now we did talk about this just last summer when we had a Beatles VS poll question that asked which cover fans liked better, the one we are rating this week - that being the original "butcher cover", which ended up being banned, and then the more boring replacement "trunk cover" which we will vote on next week. But the butcher cover (the photo was taken by photographer Robert Whitaker) was called that because; well, look above for the reason why. It showed cut up baby dolls and according to the Fabs, they were tired of the usual covers that they were forced to use. Thing was, the photo shoot for this picture that ended up being used, wasn't supposed to be for an album cover, but the Beatles liked how the photo turned out and that was what they ended up wanting to use for this LP. Paul McCartney – out of the 4 Beatle band members, was the one who lobbied for this cover the most, saying it was "our comment on the Vietnam war". Capitol Records was actually game enough to say okay to the cover and printed 750,000 album cover copies of it, but it was the idiot dealers who complained about it, not wanting to show the cover in stores. So Capitol caved into the pressure and had the covers recalled for a different photo of the group posed around an open trunk, a photo which John Lennon flat out hated and criticized. However, both Ringo Starr and George Harrison didn't care for the original cover at all and never wanted it used as an album cover in the first place, with this being one of the very first big disagreements in the band - with sadly, many more such arguments to come in the next 4 years.

So how will you rate this cover? To cast your vote in this week’s Beatle Poll, just click on this following link : Beatles Weekly Poll.

In last week’s Beatle poll….the question was: Rate the artwork for the front cover of the Beatles LP, Rubber Soul

Rubber Soul's cover

A “10” was the top vote with 41.9% of the vote (the highest 10 rating so far!), with a “9” taking second with 40.9% of the vote. Only 17.2% of the voters gave it an “8”, and our one Beatle hater who has voted every album cover a zero, did so again this week – twice! Therefore both of his votes have been removed and he has now been banned for life for spamming the polls. Anybody caught spamming the polls gets banned and I don’t give a damn who you are. Yet almost nobody ever spams our polls, other than this person, but so goes life. Yet it’s been years since I last had to ban a person from voting in our polls, that’s how rare the practice is, and while I flat out hate to ban anybody, I hate the lowlife actions of spammers more so.

To see the poll’s full result, just go here: Beatles Weekly Poll – week 461. Or to see the final results on the Beatles List Page, click on: Favorite Beatles Album Covers List Page for the top pick, found up on the top of the page.

So that does it for this week’s Poll Post! I thank all of you who take part in our weekly polls!


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