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Name: Keno
Subject: Beatles Poll Spammer/Board news update
Date: Friday, January 04, 2019
Time: 3:38:09 AM
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Beatles Poll Spammer/Board news update

Normally on the very rare occasions when the domain's polls get spammed, I don't talk about it at all, since just like a board spammer, this is exactly what a lowlife spammer loves to read about and why they spam in the first place. If you don't talk about them, they stop every time and go away.

So why am I writing about this Beatle poll spammer here? Well, this asshole is not new to spamming my Beatles polls, nor does this lowlife read Gasland. This person only spams the Beatles poll, and will only spam the other polls if I ask a question that has the Beatles as choices in them. But yes, this person has been spamming the Beatles poll nonstop for years now! It's been going on for so long that I can't even recall how long - but at least for 7 or 8 years. The thing is, for all of this time, none of this spam ever stuck, and 100% of his spam votes were contain since the person was blocked.

The other totally crazy thing about this spammer is how he spams (more than likely it's a guy, so I'll use "he"). He never spams the same choice over and over again, it's as if he is just spamming at random - and the other thing is, he must not check his results, since, well, why would somebody spam on average 5 out of 7 days of the week when it's clear none of their spam is sticking (and I mean 100%)? A normal person would just give up, but even with none of his votes counting, this person kept showing up every day anyway to spam!

Then about 2 years ago, something happen. He stopped spamming! For about 3 months - nothing at all, not one single try from him. I figured now that maybe he been in jail perhaps, because after about 3 months or so, he returned in the same way spamming.... Until about a month ago. Then once again, he totally stopped spamming. But today (Thursday) at about 3PM Eastern Time (the polls run on Eastern Time), he returned - but in a totally different matter. Somebody must have told this jerk about the IP blocking websites that allow people to post on MBs, or to Ė say, spam a poll, even when banned by their IP, since they arenít using their IP number to spam with anymore. Most of these sites are located in Europe and in the Far East, with a few here in the U.S., too.

About 2 years ago, after the last Gasland spamming problems were taking place, I started to do research on these sites to see how to best deal with them. What I found out was that Ė while spammers use them for the 2 reasons I noted above, they were actually started by child porn traders to cover their tracks when posting their sick pictures to be shared by fellow perverts and then in time (Iíve been told) that would lead (in some cases) to the selling of such trash. About 2 years ago when we last had trouble here with our long time spammer (you know who), I had to deal with the local police about this. I spoke to our countyís top sheriff, and told him what I learned about IP blocking sites, and how I learned it, and he then confirmed for me that yes, that what I had learned about these sites are true, that most of them were started by perverts to deal in their porn dealing. But he also noted to me that even if they are covering up their tracks in this matter, they can still get caught Ė and some still do get caught, since their original IP number is still being used to access the IP blocking sites. All the police had to do was access the records kept by the sites by court order. But now these sites got wise and are not keeping any records at all! So the police got wise and got into the IP blocking business themselves, and now several of these sites are owned by the police/government to catch these perverts Ė since the perverts canít tell which ones are real and which ones arenít.

So getting back to the Beatle Poll spammer. Hard to say how he was turned on to these IP blocking sites. Guess it would make sense that maybe heís a pervert too. But if so, you would think he would have learned about these sites years ago. It was also interesting tonight when I caught this nut, as soon as I cleaned up his spam, he stopped spamming for a half hour. He had been spamming for 10 straight hours nonstop, and as soon as I cleaned up his mess Ė the spam stopped. I was sure up to this point that this person was using some kind of auto posting/vote spamming device (yet heís using his iPhone to span now). But it stopped right as I did what I did? Hum.

Anyway, the reason for me posting this, is that this spammer now using these IP blocking sites - could lead to the end of the Beatles poll, and even maybe all of our polls. Iím closing down Gasland because as Iíve noted here before, that Iím getting too old to wanna deal with the work any longer. Well my friends, the same deal applies to the polls and anything else thatís proactive on this site. It isnít like the polls or the board has ever been money makers. The board if anything used to lose money monthly when I tallied up all the work involved in running it. In the last 2 years Ė when I stopped accepting new signups to post here, a ton of my work (and work hours) disappeared, and suddenly the board wasnít losing money anymore each month. But as all of you have seen, even though I proved you can still run a board without new members coming on to join the current group of posters, in time that wonít last. You do need new blood sooner or laterÖ. Our number of daily posts have dropped in half in the last year directly because of this. Yet the lurkers are still showing up here daily and are still reading this place anyway, and yes, the posts here overall have gotten better, too. So the clicks to our ads on the board have actually increased a bit in the last 2 years, and a bit more revenue is coming in from this joint thanks to that, but it isnít anything major, and with me now being on retirement pay, I really donít need the extra money.

But of course, other issues do come upÖ like we had a full year of the posting issue where some posts werenít showing, that lead to fewer posts too, but that problem has totally gone away now.

So anyway, a post that started about the Beatle spammer half turned into a post about the board I see. I have a meeting tomorrow with the people who are working with me on this board for after it closes. Iíve been planning, as most of you know, to keep the board up Ė not as Gasland Ė but as a new board for poll posts only. Yet now this Beatle spammer has hit in a new way and Iím not sure what to do. I just donít wish to deal with such issues any longer. No, I donít want to close down all of the polls Ė or even just the Beatles polls. But I donít wish to deal with this BS, either. As it is, the polls have been so successful, and the lists Iíve gotten from them are priceless and read all the time by lurkers. They wonít be lost if I had to close down the polls, they just wonít be added to any longer if this happened.

Now yeah, both the Beatles and Stones polls have been running for so long that Iíve half thought of ending them anyway because of the lack of any new good questions (we already voted on the best ones already). Yet at the Rock poll I never seem to have a problem coming up with new, good questions. So I would at least like to see them keep going.

Now, the Stones polls arenít ever spammed by this nut, and yes, since we are almost done with the long running Stones album VS polls, that one will get to finish up for sure. The Rock VS poll, like the Stones poll, hasnít ever really been affected by this either Ė but for next week I was planning what would be a fun poll for both Beatle fans and Stones fans Ė the match-up of the bandís 2 least liked LPs Ė DW VS YS. But because of this moron spammer, that poll's question will be different, and the Beatles poll Ė starting next week, will be suspended until I can figured out what to do with this jerk. Yes that sucks, but so goes life. Sadly we have morons living amongst us, we always will, and there isnít a thing we can do about it.

So anyway, if anybody has any suggestions on what I should do - feel free to drop me a line via email. Iíll close this out by saying that I hope all of the polls can go on Ė but if they canít, it was a great 20 plus year run indeed! I will keep everybody updated on what the future of our polls will be as soon as I make a decision on how to handle this spammer, and I do have that meeting tomorrow, so this will be spoken to with these people who Iím working with, maybe they will have an idea on how to stop this nut?

I thank you for reading this and for your support and understanding.


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