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Name: gomper
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Subject: What if 20 years ago you were told that...
Date: Thursday, January 03, 2019
Time: 4:48:27 PM
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What if 20 years ago you were told that...

I think true that the vinyl resurgence has little or nothing to do with the decline of the CD.

I am not that into vinyl but I do buy the odd one. Nothing beats a compact disc for sound quality as well as convenience, and you still get cover art and liner notes.

Remember when they were stocked at the record store in some sort of impregnable plastic shell that the staff had to unlock?

Perhaps a better question would be: what if THIRTY years ago you were told CDs would be declining and there would be no new physical format replacing them? Music would be digital, intangible, and ephemeral in cases like Spotify?

And yes, the real loser in all this is art. Not cover art but art in the broader sense. I am referring to the album. The idea of the artist putting forward these tracks and presenting them in an order for you to hear them. There is context, order, cohesiveness, connectives between the tracks. You take "Us and Them" out of Dark Side Of The Moon and while beautiful its not the same as hearing it with as you listen through the whole album.

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