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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: Hi All ! / Plus some updated news
Date: Wednesday, December 05, 2018
Time: 11:39:54 AM
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RE: Hi All ! / Plus some updated news

Believe me, you aren't the first to use an old password by mistake, it has happened more than once before to at least 2 others that I can remember. Then you can bet throughout the years there's a few others who gave up after doing the same thing and never got a hold of me to check. So welcome back SW, even if you never really left.

It's really hard for me to remember who has stopped posting in the last few months when that does happens, so it isn't like I can write people who all of a sudden stop posting, since in part I won't even realize the person stopped posting. So anybody who is reading this and has had this happened to them, please write me so I can get you posting again, as we only got 2 months to go. Also, anybody from long ago who used to post here but hasn't in ages and no longer has a active password, and wants to return for the last few weeks, or just wants to say goodbye once, write me and I'll get a new password to you. I known there are many former Gassers who used to post years ago, who still lurk regularly today, so maybe you want to say a final goodbye to us all? Email me, as I know many of our current Gassers - and even more lurkers, would love to hear from you!

Okay, 2 last things...

One, a few left in the last year because of the issue of not all of our posts showing up. Yes, that is very annoying to say the least - but - that problem is no more (now - since I noted that - everybody knock on wood!). I hate to even say that since old problems can always return. I do hope it's 100% over with, and if it happens again, I know exactly what to look out for this time. But I'm hoping it won't be an issue again, since I did have a safeguard put in place to prevent it from happening again. But yes, something else could go wrong too, you just never know when you deal with old, outdated computer hardware (or old computer software for that matter!).

Second, for the record, only one lone person has been banned in this last year, that's it, and maybe 2 in the last 3 years. In reality, only a handful (less than 10) have ever been banned permanently in the 20 years that we've been here. For a board as busy was we have been over 20 years time, that's nothing, and I'm happy for all of the friendships this board has brought - including off line friendships - and even one marriage (that I know of). I also know of at least one child who was born because of this place, too.

Guess we can talk about stuff like this some more come January, before we close down, or should I say, become a once a week posting board for the domain's polls. I'll more than likely change the name of the joint by then too, since no - it won't be a Stones board anymore. It will become more so a rock poll bulletin board. But I'm still waiting on my domain host to show me how that will work all of that out, so that the URL doesn't have to be changed while the old board archives stay as is. Time will tell on what route that takes. But yes, the Land of Gas is nearing the end for sure, Ronnie!

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