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Name: Keno
Subject: Gasland turns 20 today!
Date: Sunday, December 02, 2018
Time: 3:34:50 AM
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Gasland turns 20 today!

In some ways it doesnít seen possible that it was 20 years ago today that the Land of Gas started out as a brand new message board, but yes, that day is now upon us. December 2, 1998 was the day, and believe me I had no clue the joint would still be up and running as the Netís oldest and longest running Stones message board for these many years! In reality, overall it must be one of the longest running continuous messages board on the Net period, but Iím not 100% sure where it stands on that.

Iíve told the story before on how and why this board got going in the first place and how it almost didnít survive its first 2 months. My first internet domain host was Earthlink, and it turned out they didnít support message boards Ė which were still brand new back in 1998, on their servers. So after 3 weeks out, I was told to close it down by them! I had to find a new host and I didnít restart Gasland until a few weeks later Ė on January 2, 1999, so it was really that week when I decided to tell all of my friends from the old and closed, and very first Stones board, about my/our new board and home on the Net. Up until then only a handful knew what was up - as I didnít want many to know about Gasx3 until I had everything in place. But in the first week of January things were ready and so I did that, and by January 3, Gasland was already on fire with a ton of the old posters coming in from the first ever Stones board, Stonesworld, which had been located on the very first Stones official web site, but which the Stones closed down (in the summer of í98) after a very crazy spammer/flamer destroyed that board. Then this same nut did the same thing to a second board that took over for it Ė called Exile From StonesWorld. So yes, the same sick spammer took that one down, too - within only about 2 monthsí time, and once this sick nut learned about Gasland, he took aim at this joint, too (but he failed Ė and he later got convicted of child porn Ė which he posted on yet another Stones board in mid-1999 - and he never was heard from again after that).

Now it would take forever to tell the entire Gasland story, so instead of doing that, for years I had this bit written up and linked to where you could read about how Gasland actually started out. While that web page is actually still up, it hasnít been linked to in several years, but it tells the story of the first few months here and all of the craziness that went on in the early days. So if you would like to read up on this more, here is the old link to the Gasland Story that I wrote many moons ago, in full.

No, Iím not doing anything special for this week as some suggested I should to mark this date, since Ė well, as you all know, Gasland is in its final weeks now and some will say thereís nothing to really celebrate since the joint is closing down for good. Perhaps thatís both true and not true, but since January 31, 2019 is the scheduled and likely closing date, I figured we would have all of January to celebrate the board and say goodbye to each other then. Plus as I have noted before, we donít really have to say goodbye to each other Ė not totally - since the board while no longer being a Stones board come February 1, will still be reporting here once a week about the domainís new weekly poll posts (one of 2 main reasons why Gasx3 was started in the first place).

So yes, thereís still time for saying goodbye to Gasx3 next month, but today I had to at least note something that no other Stones board before this place can claim, that we got to and lasted 20 full years Ė first! No, we arenít as big as we used to be Ė but thatís the case for all message boards on the net today Ė thanks to social media Ė which didnít even exist (in name) when Gasx3 started up. Yes, this joint was one of the very first such social media sites Ė and to this day itís one of the longest running boards that is still around, even if closing day is near enough.

So Happy 20th Birthday to Gasland! This will be the last birthday for the joint, and yes, itís been one long strange trip for sure, and I thank all of you - both the many Gassers and lurkers - who all made it what it turned into! Let do all make the last few weeks that we are still together here, some fun times indeed!


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