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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: V. booths and no time to vote
Date: Thursday, November 08, 2018
Time: 5:04:37 AM
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RE: V. booths and no time to vote

I haven't stood in a voting booth in over 40 years now, since that's the last time I got to vote in NY state! They have no true voting booths here in Colorado, or in most U.S. states, where the curtains close and you are alone in there to make your choices. But I rather vote by paper ballot anyway - it's been proven to be the only safe way to go, either using the punch card system (as long as there's no hanging chads anyway - remember what happened in Florida a few years back?). Voting by mail using a simple black lead pencil or pen gets the most people to vote and take part in elections, and it cost the least amount in tax money to run an election that way. Saving tax money is always the way to go. States that have people with good working brains will see this and I bet in time most places will go this route. That will be the future of voting for sure one day everywhere, and these old voting booths will become like the old public phone booths that we used to see everywhere but now today we never see anymore. But busy people like manny who didn't get to vote because of having no time to do so, will have a 3 week window to vote in their own homes in the future, and in the end it won't only save us money and get more to vote, but it will work best for all of us when it's time to count the votes! We saw the fastest finial results posted for this last election thanks to the paper ballot, yet in some states with the old voting booths - they are still counting votes right now! That's way too long a wait!

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