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Name: pluto
Subject: RE: Stones logo - most iconic of all time?
Date: Thursday, November 01, 2018
Time: 9:50:44 AM
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RE: Stones logo - most iconic of all time?

Yes we did talk exactly about that last month.

It's a well thought out design even if part of it wasn't consciously thought out. If your commission is to come up with a corporate logo for the 'Rolling Stones' based on a Hindu deity, and which can't include the words 'Rolling Stones' anywhere on it because it has to be 'stand alone', then it's hard to see how any artist could have come up with anything better.

Given Jagger was the only Stone Pasche met, first for the designing of the tour poster, and then when being given the commission for the logo, it's maybe reasonable to speculate that Pasche was astute enough to conclude that Jagger was the main man, the man whom you had to please. From there it's quite easy to see why the design appealed to Jagger, and his ego , and was adopted as the logo. If the Stones were to have a corporate logo, then what better than something which everyone would assume were a representation of his lips on the thing (and that's exactly what has subsequently happened)?

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