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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: RE: im the big 58 today,,,yikes,,,nsc
Date: Monday, October 08, 2018
Time: 2:45:23 AM
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RE: RE: im the big 58 today,,,yikes,,,nsc

Damn JJ, that's something about your dad. Losing your eyesight might be the worst thing that could happen to anybody. But I think totally losing your hearing might be even worse than that. I mean, not being able to ever hear music again? Or the voices of your family members and friends?

To Manny, I hope you had a very Happy Birthday on Sunday!! Damn, you're only 58?! I got several years on you! Don't ever get depressed over your age, the fact you're still alive beats out anything that you think might be negative. It's always better to get old than to die young, so just try to enjoy where you're at in life. Once you get past 60, 62, you start to get things like senor discounts that you can't get in your 50s (I love that!), and people will start to show you more respect just because you are older. I just wish I didn't look younger than I am, because most think I'm in my mid 50s and not mid 60s, and I like being the age I'm at. Hell, if I shaved off my beard I would look even younger, since it's white now but the hair on top of my head is still black. But I don't wish to look any younger at all, even if I do!

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