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Name: pluto
Subject: RE: es LP cover most indicative of them?
Date: Saturday, October 06, 2018
Time: 6:09:19 AM
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RE: es LP cover most indicative of them?

That's a hard one gomper, made slightly easier by the inclusion of 'most'. I think 'Fatmo's choice of the Warhol concept sleeve 'Sticky Fingers' is a fair enough shout. It doesn't take much imagination to figure out what that's all about i.e. sex, and there is an argument to be made that if rock (and roll, and r'n'b, and soul etc) is about anything, it's about sex. Of course that is not peculiar to the Stones.

There are a lot of albums covers between the first and the last to try to pick from. There have been quite a few phases of the Stones so I think I'm going to choose one from their first incarnation, when they were the 'Rolling Stones' and vital (remember that?), when they were 'a way of life'.

My choice is their first album, the Loogster's brilliant innovative concept that he fought tooth and nail for i.e. a front cover with nothing on it to indicate who they were. To you guys over there that would be the slightly different, and defaced 'England's Newest Hitmakers' (I do understand why it was necessary to do that in the U.S.), but I am talking about the U.K. release.

Like Keno generally speaking I'm a fan of the covers that show the band, and those early covers with them on it were stellar (compare them with the awful artwork of 'A Bigger Bore' which was, need I say it, less than stellar).

So that would be my choice, the first album. To explain why I think that cover was 'most indicative' of those early Stones I can do no better than quote Simon Frith and Howard Horne in 'Art into Pop' which was re quoted in Oldham's autobiography 'Stoned'..........'(the Stones looked noticeably scruffy and real by contrast), partly through a use of close-up composition and half lighting that made the group look at once both near and out of reach, decadent and vulnerable.

The comparison Frith and Horne were making was with the 'With The Beatles' cover. When the Stones first album came out we had all fallen into either the Stones or Beatles camp. Some, like myself, loosely, others being more rigid in their allegiance. Firth and Horne's words seem to be echoing, as far as I remember, why the young pluto, in the first stirrings of teenage rebellion, pinned his colours to the Stones mast. It was all a terribly long time ago though, and it could be a false memory.

Btw, Firth and Horne attribute that first Stones cover to the photography of David Bailey. I can't remember who's pic it was, but I don't think it was Bailey's.

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