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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: How disappointing this news is!
Date: Thursday, October 04, 2018
Time: 11:38:13 AM
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RE: How disappointing this news is!

Don't blame ABKCO for this! Do place the blame on the guilty party - the Stones! They could have done the very same thing on this as they did with SG and EOMS.

Boy, this is the worst news from the Stones in years! In other words, the reissued LP work we got to totally enjoy and love with SG and EOMS - was it, and we will never again get a new package with added new songs like those 2 again on the rest of their albums. Of course on the LPs that came after SG, who cares and no big deal. But on most of the LPs before that and for sure the '60s stuff, it was the one thing to look forward to, or at least hope for, and now that's all over with. Hell, this one would have been a great one to actually reissue with some new unreleased tracks added in to it!

What, has Mick become too lazy in his old age to work on the next reissue like he did on the other two? More than likely the answer is yes, after all he is an old man in his mid 70s now and I guess we can't blame him for getting so old. But this type of reissue is yet nothing more than another money grab from the one rock band around that is tops is doing money grabs to their hard nosed fans. Hell, come to think of it, this is the second money grab by the Stones in a week! I won't waste a dime on this garbage package, I already got the LP and there's nothing new at all being offered here. Nothing, and that's sad indeed!

Oh well, at least I'm one of their few older and long time fans who still digs their new studio releases with actual new songs on it, that is, if we actually ever again see a true new studio album again from them. Hell, the last one was put out when, in 2005? But I recall the reaction by most long time fans to that excellent album. I was one of the few fans who loved it, my guess was that 70% of the rest of you disliked it - and I never understood why, to me the LP was great (but the proof that most fans didn't like it is still up in the archives to read). I even noted here that the negative reviews on ABB from hard nosed fans might make it to where the Stones won't put out anymore new material anymore... and that's what ended up happening - to this very day!

But how can they call themselves a current band with no new original material in almost 14 years? They have become exactly what MJ didn't want them to become, an oldies act! But hell, the big money is still there and keeps coming in, and that's all what Jagger cares about anymore these days, and while being on tour brings in big $$$$, putting out a new LP doesn't.

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