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Name: Shattered
Subject: Liliac (nsc)
Date: Monday, October 01, 2018
Time: 3:12:19 PM
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Liliac (nsc)

Hey there Gassers, y'all in the mood for some damn good kick-ass rock 'n' roll? 😊

Yeah me too!

Oh my Lord I was up late last night really enjoying this group of 5 siblings who call themselves Liliac. They are 2 sisters and 3 bros. Their surname is Cristea. They're from Transylvania, Rumania. The 3 oldest ones are especially dye-no-mite! They are:

Melody on bass & lead vocals -- make that POWERFUL vocals!

Samuel on lead guitar -- believe me this teen kicks heavy-duty ars with that axe!

And Abigail on drums, and while she may be the cutest drummer I've seen since Karen Carpenter, don't let that fool you. She slays those drums!

Finally the little girl & boy play rhythm guitar & keyboard.

Here they doing an Ozzy cover "Crazy Train", and a Metallica cover "Enter Sandman".

Here's a delightful 9-minute film with their mom & dad <---- It looks like they have really cool parents! (Of course, we're on the outside looking in.)

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