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Name: Shattered
Subject: Anyone dig the BUFFALO SPRINGFIELD? (nsc)
Date: Wednesday, September 05, 2018
Time: 11:37:41 PM
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Anyone dig the BUFFALO SPRINGFIELD? (nsc)

We had the Buffalo Springfield's 1st album in my house when it was new, not my album though. We had the mono version. Believe me it's better in stereo.

Buffalo Springfield's personnel included Stephen Stills, Neil Young, & Richard Furey -- a three guitar group. I love their guitar styles on virtually this entire debut album -- which was released in 1966. Innovative, interesting, like on Flying On The Ground Is Wrong (covered by The Guess Who) and Leave. And were the lovely vocal harmonies on Out Of My Mind a precursor to CSN&Y? There's just a very special kind of vibe on this whole album. (No real filler.)

On their 2nd album, 'Buffalo Springfield Again' (1967), they were moving forward as a group quite nicely. They were advancing to some damn good hard rock, and psychedelia, like on Expecting To Fly. The classics "Rock & Roll Woman" and "Bluebird" is included here, the latter which Joe Walsh's group The James Gang did a sensational cover of on their 1969 debut album "Yer' Album". <--- (BTW that's a damn good rockin' album!!!) --- Another very tasty BS album (although I would have been happy if "Sad Memory" was left off.)

There was growing friction in the group, and it showed on their 3rd Album 'Last Time Around' (1968), although the soulful On the Way Home and the progressive Special Care are super-bright spots.

This final album certainly has some damn good moments for sure, it just seems to be missing that certain charisma their first 2 albums had.

Anyone else dig The Buffalo Springfield?

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