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Name: Keno
Subject: Keith on Brian Jones and Bobby Keys
Date: Wednesday, September 05, 2018
Time: 5:21:16 AM
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Keith on Brian Jones and Bobby Keys

I was just listening to this 1971 radio interview with Keith that I was turned on to by a old Stones friend and insider. It runs a bit over 20 minutes. Maybe not the most interesting one with Keith that I've heard - but damn he was a lot easier to understand when he spoke back then, too. Anyway, he notes how Bobby Keys and Brian were pretty much the very same person. Now that surprised me big time, I never expected to hear that or figured that. With Bobby being from Texas and BJ from the UK, really? Now yes, I know both of them were big time partiers for sure. Plus as many Stones fans know, Brian's favorite and main instrument that he played before joining the Stones was the saxophone (If you're wondering, yes, the 2 of them did meet at least once in the early '60s). But BJ hardly ever played his sax while in the Stones since that wasn't a part of their sound or the hard Rock sound yet at the time. It really took Bobby to turn them on to how great the sax would fit into their music - including the hard rock that they played.

But anyway, here is the interview if you would like to hear it: Keith radio interview 1971

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