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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: qbs, stadium naming rights (nsc)
Date: Tuesday, September 04, 2018
Time: 4:19:17 AM
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RE: qbs, stadium naming rights (nsc)

Paxton Lynch turned into one of the biggest wastes of a first round pick ever for the Broncos. Believe me, your Bills don't need him, other than I guess he's a good enough as a third QB for any team since the third QB never plays anyway.... But when a player on the home team gets booed out of Denver and Mile High Stadium (or whatever it's being called this year, Bronco fans still call it by the old stadium's name*), you know something is wrong with the guy. He just doesn't have what it takes to be a starting NFL QB, that clear. A total bust indeed.

* Won't it be great if all the major sport teams got rid of that corporate crap in naming their stadiums after some stupid corporation or brand name, etc, and go back to naming the places after what the fans want it to be called and how the stadiums used to be named? It really sucks when taxpayers pay for the damn stadium and yet the team gets to sell the naming rights, as is the case with the Broncos. So what happened with them - the first two asshole corporations that paid then for the name in Denver when the joint opened - both went bankrupt before the naming deal ended! Broncos fans meanwhile refused to call the new stadium anything but "Mile Hile Stadium", so this year - and for the second year in a row - the Broncos failed to get a corporation to buy the naming rights! So instead of keeping a name where the sponsor been out of business for 2 years now (Sports Authority) Elway goes and names it - for this year only, "Bronco Stadium at Mile Hile". He didn't go with the name that Bronco fans been calling it since the day it opened - Mile High Stadium, since he still hopes to name it after a corporation as soon as he can find a sucker to buy the naming rights - and he knows that naming it what the fans want it called only, causes big problems down the line when he finally gets that corporate deal for a new name signed and would have to change (again) the name that fans love and want. So Elway showed Denver that deep down, as a executive - he has no balls at all - whatsoever. As is usually the case - only money talks and the hell with the fans who really built the damn stadium in the first place.

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