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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: Between 94 and 99 degrees here...nsc
Date: Friday, July 06, 2018
Time: 10:34:24 AM
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RE: Between 94 and 99 degrees here...nsc

It's never hit 100 here either, 98 was the highest ever, back in 2004 (or maybe it was in '05?). Normally it hits 90 degrees once a year here and usually gets no higher than 90 or 91, but so far this year we've gone over 90 3 times already and it's only early July. Still, nothing like that one year when it hit 98, that entire July was the hottest ever here, it went into the mid 90s almost everyday in that July. But at least it's never muggy in Colorado, the humidity is almost always below 10% whenever that happens. I'll also note, Colorado's Front Range goes over 100 degrees often enough too, and the Great Plains of the state east and southeast of Denver, hits 105 plus often, too (like every summer). But once you hit the Rocky Mountains where I live - it never goes higher than the low 90s at best - other than on the far Western Slope of the state - out by the Utah border, where like the Front Range, it hits the low 100s every so often there too.

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