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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: the musical triad
Date: Monday, June 11, 2018
Time: 1:03:53 AM
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RE: the musical triad

Good question for a modern day world. 40 years ago almost everybody would give the same answer, but not today. For me, it depends on the day of the week and what I'm doing. On the rare occasions that I have to drive somewhere (I only drive once a week on average, as I hate driving and walk most places instead, even if they are far away). But when I do drive I have to listen to an old cassette player, since that's all what's in my old car, and the only tapes I have, for the most part, are my old tapes from my radio shows (but on most of them I edited out my deejaying, so it's mainly all music). So either that, or I play the FM radio, which I can't do in my home since I can't get any rock radio stations thanks to the high mountains block the airways.

But at home it depends on the day, I would say most often I listen to music on YouTube using their auto feature. I have gotten to know several albums that I never owned since you can play them on there without buying them. Then maybe once or twice a week I play a few CDs, but usually I use the computer's CD player instead of the CD player that I got hooked to my stereo system. I probably only use my CD player maybe twice a month at the most. Then usually once or twice a week I play music via my phone using my bluetooth speakers. I very much like to listen to that Moscow Stones station that manny turned me on to, or one of the Beatles stations, or then sometimes a few of the oldies stations on Pandora.

While I still have SirsusXM and used to listen to it often, now maybe I listen to it twice a month at most. They just play too many repeats on there for me to stand. If I had to pay for that service, I won't waste my money on it. But I get it for free thanks to the Dish network.

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