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Name: Naker2005
Subject: RE: RE: nba finals,,,nsc
Date: Wednesday, June 06, 2018
Time: 5:40:48 AM
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RE: RE: nba finals,,,nsc

I’ve been watching.

The hyperbole is making me laugh.

Lebron is undoubtably the greatest player of this era, but he’s no Michael Jordan. He may end up breaking every one of Jordan’s records, but he doesn’t have the same fire or iconography of Jordan. I know that’s an odd claim, since Lebron has appeared in 7 consecutive NBA Finals, and with much weaker teams...its just my opinion having followed each playee’s career. Kinda like their can never be anothnband like The Beatles....if that makes sense.

I miss the basketball of the late 1980s early 1990s. I can only imagine how today’s players would fare in that game. Lebron by the looks of him and maybe Draymond Green could hang back then. The rest...with the old school Knicks, Pistons, Celtics, and Lakers....let’s just say they’d know what all of those areana’s ceiling look like and what those floors would feel like against their whole bodies.

As far as this series, it’s entertaining. Although the NBA has to re-evaluate their officials.

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