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Name: Keno
Subject: Please note
Date: Wednesday, May 16, 2018
Time: 10:31:16 AM
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Please note

It's now official and no new Gassers will ever again be able to sign up here to post, as no new passwords will be given out any longer and the registration page/form is no longer linked to.

You all know the story about my retirement and the board slowly closing down, and January 2019 will be it's last month after 20 years as the longest running Stones board on the net. After that time this place will become a non Stones blog for a few of the Gassers and will still be open to all to read. The It's A Gas, Gas Gas name will be dropped after Jan '19, and more than likely the official name will just become the board's old, longtime nickname, "Gasland", although that name isn't set in stone either. We can talk about that in the next few months.

In the meanwhile, anybody who has a current password is still encouraged to post and reply to others here as usual. If for any reason you lost your password, just drop me a line and I'll get it back to you, plus any old time Gassers in good standing from years ago (that's 99.9% of our former Gassers) who haven't posted in many years, who would like to again, are still welcome to come back here to post with us, too. Just email me.

Also please remember (how can anybody forget) about the database problem the board is having and yes, about 10% of your posts will not show up. I tried to get this fixed in the last few months but nobody seems to be able to solve the issue. This one place that I almost hired did get back to me last week offering me some free work on this, so I told them to give it a try, so where I wasn't gonna bother again in getting the problem fixed, if they are willing to give it a look at no cost, why turn them down? But I guess I'm still not expecting them to solve the issue, but just wanted you all to know that there is now once again one last chance to get this problem fixed after all.

If the last several months here have proved one thing, it's that yes - a long time running board can survive without any new blood at all, since that's been the case here already for the most part, as the registration form has unofficially been offline since last November and was only up for 2 months in the last year. That's one reason why I decided on the blog thing, as you guys have been so loyal. I still don't know for sure how the blog is gonna work, as there's a ton of time left to when I will have to have that all figured out, so I'm not gonna worry about it right now, other than to say that yes, since everybody wants that to happen, it will in one way or another. But until then, do keep posting Gassers, and thanks to all the Gassers and lurkers for your long time support. I do appreciate it!


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