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Name: Shattered
Subject: Bryan Ferry & Jerry Hall
Date: Friday, May 11, 2018
Time: 1:43:57 PM
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Bryan Ferry & Jerry Hall

Thanks to this thread I can't get Love Is the Drug out of my mind since yesterday!!! 🙀 It is a great song but it's just stuck in my head. One of the YouTube comments for the video said, "If she married Bryan Ferry she would have been Jerry Ferry!" 🤣 Damn I wish I'd have thought of that!

Anyway, back in 1981 the highly publicized Tattoo You Tour hit NYC in November. The papers showed candid pictures of Mick jogging in Central Park. They were playing Madison Square Garden for two (?) nights. Mick was in phenomenal physical condition. (Still is, of course.)

I forget the sources but it was reported that when Jerry Hall left Bryan Ferry for Mick, BF said he's going to punch Mick. BF's friends and advisors strongly advised him not to try that, as Mick was in great shape and would pop him back harder!

Love. Attractions. These hearts of ours are not made of steel Ronnie! 😈

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