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Name: Jaded Faded
Subject: marquee club
Date: Friday, May 11, 2018
Time: 12:21:02 PM
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marquee club

During those Mick Taylor years the Stones were steadfast and studious in how they finished their live tours. They built it up show after show, getting better and tighter making sure to climax brilliantly at the last few shows; they were unbelievable at this!

But for whatever reason I haven't assessed the Marquee show properly. The full Leeds concert--in stereo--along with the highlights from the Roundhouse I got into pretty heavily back in '15 when they were released, but I overlooked the Marquee because I read it wasn't as good and it wasn't included in the SF reissue sets either. It was different too, from what I understand, not a regular gig but a special elite thing with highly restrained attendance with an eye for the TV release. Is it as good as the stuff on the Sticky reissue?

As far as midnight rambler goes, nothing is better than the Brussels version. There is a reason they kept that one the same when they released it "officially." And ss much as I like Leeds and Ya-yas (which doesn't really count to me because it is a splice-job, albeit a highly enjoyable splice-job) they pale in comparison to Brussels. Sydney and Perth, from earlier that year ('73) were good versions too, but not like Brussels.

*small note to gomper: did you mean texas live '72? Because the stones didn't play in texas in 73 from what I remember.

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