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Name: Shattered
Subject: Stones made history on 04/17/1967
Date: Sunday, May 06, 2018
Time: 3:03:23 PM
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Stones made history on 04/17/1967

I always knew the Stones ended what seemed to be non-stop touring on April 17th, 1967 in Panathinaikos Stadium, Athens, Greece. That's the show the Stones made history by being the first rock band to play a concert in Greece. There next full-fledged tour wouldn't be until 1969.

But what I never knew, until now, is that that historic show was cut short by the Greek police, 5 songs into the show. Rioting broke out.

Everything had been going great, until Mick...... here's the story. 😃

And here's what Bill said about it,

Bill Wyman: Athens

"We had another madness in Greece in early '67. They put us in the Panathinaikos Football Stadium, with the crowds in seats and 3 rows of police, so they weren't allowed to leave the seats. Of course as soon as we started they all poured onto the pitch, running and tackling the cops and they stopped the show about 3 times. And the police were beating them with batons, really viciously. Tom Keylock was with us because he worked for Keith and we had all these big bunches of flowers we were going to distribute but we couln't get them to the crowd. So Keylock says I'll do it. He took two armfuls and jumped offstage and ran and had a fight with the police; they broke his nose or wrist.

The rest all left for England, while I stayed for a holiday and got stuck there, because two days later there was the military coup - that's probably why the police were so uptight. And then we didn't tour until Hyde Park and America in 1969."

Did you know about that riot Ronnie?

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