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Name: Keno
Subject: Broken board update and Gasland's future
Date: Tuesday, May 01, 2018
Time: 2:44:17 AM
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Broken board update and Gasland's future

It looks like after trying for several months to get this broken down board fixed, well I hate to report this, but it ainít gonna happen.

Iíve tried and tried again to find somebody who could fix this board for a decent price, but it appears that no such person exists. Yes, there are a few around who can fix it for an outrageous price, but most canít guarantee to be able to fix the board since most arenít sure where to start.

About all I really leaned in this process in trying to get the board fixed, is that the problem more than likely lies in the databaseÖ but then again, does it? The ASP programing used to make this board tick, was what is today known as ďClassic ASPĒ. It was the first and earliest ASP code used for such a program and the ASP coding language was changed shortly after the board was built, and almost nobody knows the classic ASP today, other than the older programmers who were around in the Ď90s, many of whom are now retired. But more than likely the problem with the posts not showing up is the fault of the database, and if so, looking into where in the database it is would be like looking for a needle in a haystack. It could be fond fast, if lucky, but more than likely, it would take hours of work in just finding the problem, at around $75 an hour, and then after that, the problem would be worked on. So considering that the board as it is only has 9 months left to its operation, it isnít worth spending the money to try to get it fixed.

So since thereís no other options, what will happen to the Land of Gas? For now, nothing really, other than I guess we might lose another poster or 2 over this, but those of our Gassers who have stayed around posting this long (the problem started last December), Iíll guess will stick around till the end and be here still posting for our 20th birthday in the first week of December. Yes, this means us posters will have to put up with around 10 to 20% of our posts being lost, but as I have always noted, if you just save what you tried to post and send it on in to me, I can get it to show up via the boardís admin for you. About a third of the current Gassers have done that and I donít mind posting what wonít show up for anybody. So I hope that those still posting here will still all be here in January of next year.

So what about after January of 2019? What will happen? Well, Jan 31, 2019 will be Gaslandís last official dayÖ. butÖ what comes after that I still havenít decided yet for sure. I only know that how things have been for the last 19 plus years here will definitely change and as of now officially, that will be Gasx3ís last day of posting. After that date, a few things could happen.

In the last month of Gasland, I might/could return to using the old CGI board to post with and allow the joint to be open to everybody without a password, like things were in the first 3 years of Gaslandís existence. Iíll have to think that one over, since the old CGI board, which I still have a copy of (since I still actually use it for the early archives from before 2000), is a mother to take care of. But if it is used for only 30 days or less, I could handle thatÖ I think.

But getting back to what happens after Feb 1 of í19. One is that the board will be 100% gone, other than the archives, which will still be around as long as is still around. You would be surprised how many people read the boardís archives Ė including the old archives from our first CGI board made in the late Ď90s that we used to post on. Now this was what I actually first planned to do, but after the many emails Iíve gotten in from both Gassers and lurkers asking me not to do that, and keep something going, well, more than likely I wonít allow that to take place, since something else should at least take its place. But the other thing I was also thinking of doing was to start my own blog in Gaslandís place, while still using Gaslandís old program. With over 10,000 viewers a day still reading the board after all of these years, the lurkers are clearly still here, and something keeps them showing up every day. So maybe I would still post (anything that came to mind) a few times a week and if somebody wanted to comment on what I wrote, they could by leaving a message in the replies form that I could keep up. So if these same lurkers wanted to read what I had to say a few days a week, great, if not, thatís fine too.

But then, after the last few months passed, and I started to get in emails about Gasx3 saying Ďplease donít close it downí, well I started to think a bit differently. Not only does the site/board have a big following every day, and this after places like Facebook and Instagram, etc, have stolen away 80% of all of our posters, well, all of those lurkers still donít just come to Gasland every day because of me. They come because of the exchanges all of us remaining Gassers have with each other. We have been a long running soap opera (and internet family/community) for almost 20 years now - and people like it, thatís why they keep showing up every day, not only because of me, but also for those old time Gassers who are still around posting here with me. Everybody knows who Iím talking about, and this place would be a wasteland without them, even if most of the old Gassers are long gone, the lurkers are still here and thereís about 10 of us Gasser who still post regularly along with another 20 more who post once in a while, and I deep down donít want to kick any of them out of the door.

All of the Gassers here are online friends of mine, so now Iím thinking I got to at least keep something going here for them, along with our faithful lurkers, too. All I wanted after closing down the board is less of a workload, but if I just allow say 10 to 20 Gassers to keep posting, that does help things not be too crazy work-wise. Hell, its really already been this way for the last year here anyway, and that alone has shown me that Gasx3 could be kept going without any new blood, since the signup forms have only been online for 2 months out of the last year. Nobody has really left the joint since (not willingly), so we could keep it going, and even while still calling it Gasland perhaps, but maybe no longer calling it just a Stones board and instead making it a board where anything goes as far as comments go. Hell, weíve always really been that way for years anyway. But under this format, Gasland would become a private board as far as posting goes, which is still open to everybody to read. The regular posters who are here today, would still be here posting after January Ė but they would pretty much be it, and if one Gasser leaves, then thatís one less poster who wonít be replaced. Perhaps if one of our long time lost posters from the past wanted to return, I could consider it, but the idea I have now would be to just leave this board open to those of us who have been left here in the last year (and all of them would get new passwords, too, so only they could post). You all know who Iím talking about and you all like reading what these Gassers have to say. Or maybe you donít like what we say, but you still find it interesting enough to read this soap opera daily regardless.

So that's where Iím at as of right now as far as to where Gasx3 might be after the next 9 months pass us by. More than likely something will still be here, and if you are currently a posting Gasser, you would be invited to stay on to post. But of course, this also depends on the board not totally dying on us, too. If it is a database issue, then that shouldnít happen. Our polls were also built using the old Classic ASP, a full year before the board was built, and that program still works fine, for the most part (knock on wood). This is another reason why I think itís a database issue with the board, since the polls use a different database and doesnít have this issue that the board has.

Anyway, I thank all of the current Gassers for hanging in there and putting up with lost posts, and I thank all of you many lurkers who show up every day to read what we have left here to read. All of you help to keep Gasland going and while I enjoy being retired, I donít have to be 100% retired, either. Just a bit less work will work fine for me.

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