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Name: Keno
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Subject: RE: peter asher and jeremy clyde...ssc
Date: Friday, April 06, 2018
Time: 4:43:56 AM
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RE: peter asher and jeremy clyde...ssc

Agree. Peter and Gordon's first single went to number 1, "World without Love", and was written by Lennon/McCartney and a big deal was made about that. I can remember everybody talking about how it was a Beatles song, as if that made the song better. But yes, it was still sung real well, but #1 all around the world by 2 guys nobody ever heard from before? Plus no more giant hits like that ever again by them?... Chad & Jeremy? They never were as big as P&G, no #1s ever, but they got by not only thanks to the Beatles success which they also feed off of, but good management, too.

But in all fairness, every band that made it after the Beatles can thank the Beatles, since rock n roll music in general made it and became permanent music thanks to them. The genre would have died out without them, as many genres do after a few years. The Beatles were like no other band before them, and anybody who was alive back then knows this. Just like the Beatles can thank Elvis for their start, who was the first rock superstar, then came the Fabs, and then everybody else. Like it has been said, Elvis opened the door for everybody who came after him, and the Beatles then blew up that door... as that door never could be closed again. 100 years from now, Elvis, the Beatles (and the Stones too), will be remembered and their music still played by some. That won't be the case for Peter and Gordon and Chad and Jeremy and most other rock bands. In fact, I don't think any bands that came out after the 1980 will be remembered at all in 100 years.

But getting back to what Fatmo noted, The Stones of course had the same thing happen to them as did Peter & Gorden. They got Lennon/McCartney to write them their first hit single too and they took off on their own after that. Only difference was that they had a ton more talent than Peter and Gordon or Chad & Jeremy did, so they kept going strong. But without the Beatles help - not only in the single they gave them, but the Beatles crazy appeal all over the world, that was what got the Stones going everywhere, too (other than in England perhaps, where I think they would have made it big anyway).

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