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Name: Shattered
Subject: RE: B&L/BB/TY/Harmony singers in bands/more...
Date: Monday, March 05, 2018
Time: 12:35:46 PM
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RE: B&L/BB/TY/Harmony singers in bands/more...

Beatles poll = "Please Please Me" (even though LMD started it all.) Casey Kasem had said PPM, from mid-1963 was their first #1 single. Also, speaking of PPM, some obscured radio station here in the states actually played PPM once, (in the wee hours) when it was a hit overseas. No DJ in N.A. showed any interest in the Beatles. What a difference six months can make! \uD83D\uDE32

'Mannish Boy' by MUDDY WATERS gets the vote in the 2nd Classic Rock poll.

What about the first CR poll? Still undecided.

"Hate to see you go" is terrific, but it was played in concert so I don't consider it the MOST underrated. I'm going with "Everybody Knows About My Good Thing".

2nd Stones poll = well, I played TY sooo much, BUT I played BB a whole lot more, and meant even more to me, so BB gets the no-brainer vote. Damn what good times!

BB disappointed me later when I learned Bill's "Downtown Susie" was being worked on at that time, and in my opinion it really should have been on the album. I felt it was a missed opportunity!!

I caused quite a commotion here many years ago when I suggested PW should have been left off the BB album. BUT what I didn't make clear, and it was all my fault, is that Bill's DS should have been on instead, and PW should be sacrificed by process of elimination. You people are not mind-readers. It's my responsibility to articulate my opinions in a cogent and cohesive way. I wasn't clear. (Sure as Hell not the first time I did that here and everywhere.) Lucidity was never my friend. My brain is messed-up due to gross abuse, but that's for another post.

I think they could have fit eleven songs on BB Ronnie!

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