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Name: gomper
Subject: underrated VL tracks and Exile Vs 12x5
Date: Monday, February 12, 2018
Time: 10:09:15 AM
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underrated VL tracks and Exile Vs 12x5

Assuming we all properly rate Out Of Tears, Baby Break It Down, and Love Is Strong, which are the real stat-outs on VL in my mind, then I would say Moon Is Up is a bit underrated. Its a nice track, dreamy but percussive. Another choice would be Blinded By Rainbows. Many would decry the preachy-ness of that song, but musically and structurally its very nice. VL is a great album, and a fantastic follow up to the magnificent Steel Wheels. How many other great bands make such awesome albums that late in their career? And heck. that was a quarter century ago!

The versus poll... Exile by a long shot. I know some rate Exile #1, other have it in the top 5 or even lower. But I can't imagine anyone having Exile not being deep in their top ten. For me its top 5, for sure. 12x5 is lots if fun but nothing there ranks with the best tracks on Exile.

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