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Name: Keno
Subject: Time to restart rating the Stones LPs
Date: Friday, February 09, 2018
Time: 5:07:49 AM
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Time to restart rating the Stones LPs

It will be 20 years ago from this coming fall when I started up this website for the Stones, and when I started writing reviews for each Stones album. They were all short written reviews, since I had to get them all reviewed in a short period time. Well, I didn't have too, I just wanted to have them all ready by the time I placed the site up on the then still growing and still somewhat new, world wide web.

It was at that time I decided to rate each song on each album, it would be a way to reflect on the entire LP while looking back at each song after I played the entire LP. Kinda like I would use the ratings as a guide for my review when I started to write them. But I had no intention at the time to include the ratings with the reviews online. But about halfway through writing the reviews, I looked back on the notes I made before I wrote any of the reviews and where I had saved the song's ratings. I realized that those ratings did indeed mean something to me and they looked interesting enough, so why not include them with each review? So I added them to just one review at first, and came back to that review the next day and had another look at the review, and that was when I realized how much the ratings enhanced what I had written, as they were a separate review in themselves. So I ended up adding the ratings to all of the album reviews, even though I had never seen anybody else do that before. To my surprise in a short time I would start to get emails in about the reviews and those reading them loved this set up, and in time all my album reviews for all rock artists would be written in this way. But the rating of each song was really meant to be a temporary thing that just caught on and became permanent and well liked.

7 years later I realized my feelings for some of the songs had changed, so I rated all of the same songs on each album again. Yes, after I got done there was a difference in the overall ratings for each LP, and each album was now rated a bit higher.

So now, almost 20 years later after the first ratings were made, and with just a bit more time on my hands, it's time to rate the songs again, for what perhaps will be the last time. Since I'll just be rating the songs and not reviewing each album again, it won't take too long to do, but I will play each LP and rate rach song as it plays, without looking at the old song ratings before I re-rate them. So early Thursday afternoon I started this fun job and rated the first 2 Stones U.S. LPs. Most interesting was going back afterwards and comparing my other 2 older ratings from the past to my new ratings. Not a ton of difference in the 3 different ratings overall, but both LPs saw an increase in their overall ratings by almost half a point each.

The new rating will in time replace the '05 ratings shown at the main album listing page I have set up, you know that page I got up were listings from you fellow fans ratings are listed there too, for comparison. Plus all 3 ratings are/will be shown on each album review page, too. Not sure how long it will take to do every LP, but not too long, since it is a fun job to do. It will be interesting to see how all the LPs restack up with the new ratings once they are all done. But in the very early going, 12x5 rose big time, up into 13th place, while the Stones debut LP stayed where it was, even with it's new, higher rating. But for now that means nothing, not until all of the LPs are all rated again, and that will at least take some time to do.

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