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Name: Shattered
Subject: Old-time radio 📻 (nsc)
Date: Saturday, October 07, 2017
Time: 8:48:23 AM
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Old-time radio 📻 (nsc)

With all the dialogue going on in the couple-of-threads below about Dino Martin, it got me remembering what a terrific radio 📻 show he and Jerry Lewis had together, The Martin & Lewis Show.

I've heard every one that was available (for free) on the net.

(But then again, I spent over 6 hours a day in my mail truck for 29 years, with my MP3 player and speakers, I checked out TWO TONS of stuff! 😺)

Great great entertainment. Trust me, those radio shows are classic.

Speaking of old-time radio 📻, let me add that you cannot fully appreciate the work, the genius, the legend of Abbott & Costello by only their movies. The TV show was funny, but movies and TV alone don't do them justice. Their radio show was phenomenal!! You know that Who's on First" routine? They did a bunch of skits like that. You'll have a whole new respect for this very funny and entertaining duo!

Amos & Andy had a very excellent show, after they were promoted to Sunday evenings with a half-hour show. Their earlier episodes were around 10 minutes, and they were --- weird!

Sundays at 7PM. Highly entertaining stuff, not a bad episode anywhere.

Lucy had a radio show too. You know who was a regular on it? "Mr. Mooney" Gale Gordon. 😲 You believe this?

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