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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: Who provided the most as 5th member?
Date: Wednesday, October 04, 2017
Time: 10:38:05 AM
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RE: Who provided the most as 5th member?

First, I won't call any of them really a 5th member! Brian was the leader in the early days, then by the end he was still number 3 in the band. MT was at first #3 and then after 1970 was ahead of Keith, after Keith was too stoned out to performed in the studio. Ronnie might had been at #5 when he joined, yes, but since Bill's been gone there of course isn't a #5 anymore.

To answer your question, overall, all 3 had their important place in the band, but since Brian started the band to begin with, and added in all of those lead instruments that were so important to those early songs, including instruments that had never been heard in rock music before, he clearly was still as important (or more important) as (then) Keith was up until '67 or so... MT of course was very important too, really the main guitar man after Keith had his problems, and while Ronnie never really was a leader for the band, he saved the day for them when Keith's arthritis was getting in the way of his live playing and was perhaps the main reason why Some Girls was great.

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