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Name: Al T. Mont
Subject: RE: RE: Set List
Date: Wednesday, September 13, 2017
Time: 12:52:56 PM
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RE: RE: Set List

I'm with you Steel Wls. Great way to start a set: "Please allow me to introduce myself". Fantastic. They always start their shows with a greatest hits type song. Why not Sympathy? During the last tour, which I got free tickets to because I know someone who works closely with them, they opened with a Sympathy for the Devil type intro as mentioned by someone in this thread. The place went NUTS thinking that it might be the opening song.

Mick took notice of this, so I've heard, and decided that Sympathy would be the opener in the next tour. Very perceptive man who is in touch with his audience! I've also been a part of people exiting a stadium after a Stones concert who sang ANY song they closed with out to the parking lot. Plenty of "I can't get no!"'s and "It's aaaall riiight now"'s. Sympathy is just one of many songs that closed a show.

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