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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: Joined Ranks with Keno
Date: Wednesday, September 13, 2017
Time: 11:40:38 AM
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RE: Joined Ranks with Keno

Wow, good for you! But I must confess, I've never done anything like that before in public around non-nudists! I'm a naturist and been one since I was about 10 or 11 years old, when I went to my first nude beach (my dad was a naturist, but my mom wasn't at all). But you got 2 kinds of naturists, about half of all naturists could do what you did, go nude in public while being around clothed people and care less about it. Then there's the other half like myself, we feel totally at peace while being around other naturists, but don't feel that way around non-naturists. So going nude in public I could never do, as I would feel naked (there is a difference in the meanings of the words "naked" and "nude"), yet while practicing naturism with other naturists at a naturist resort, or at a nude beach, is a totally different story.

Then of course you might have to worry about the police, depending on where you live. Being nude in public is actually legal in more places than most realize. Here in Colorado I believe that Denver is the only place where it isn't - yet that's the only place I know of in the state that has this "Naked Bike ride". But Colorado has more naturist hot springs than any other U.S. state, and I never could understand why anybody would want to soak in 104 degree water while wearing cloths. Yet an interesting thing to note is that the state in the U.S. with the most nudists resorts (non hot springs resorts that is), is the conservative state of Florida of all places!

I wrote an article a few years back for Yahoo News about the decline of naturism, which was my most read Yahoo News article that I ever wrote for them, as I wrote several articles for them covering different subjects. So people are clearly interested in naturism, even if my feelings are it's on the decline, as where both the WW2 and Baby Boomer generations were into it big time, today the younger generations don't seem to be into it at all. That's too bad, because it is a very cool thing to experience indeed.

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