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Name: Keno
Subject: RE:Jagger -- wannabe solo artist and film actor
Date: Saturday, August 05, 2017
Time: 11:24:15 AM
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RE:Jagger -- wannabe solo artist and film actor

Oh yes, for sure!

He knew he was good enough to make it on his own. Only problem was that Stones fans knew this would end the band if they bought his new solo stuff back then, and that's why most of us refused to do so, and it worked! With low album sales, his solo career went nowhere, and it wasn't because his solo stuff wasn't good, it was because us Stones fans boycotted his first 2 solo albums. we refused to buy any of his solo work or even listen to it. So the boycott worked and MJ got the message - and the band went on.

Today none of that matters anymore, since Mick is an old man and the Stones can't last forever at this point in time. Yet while any solo work made by the Glimmers still takes away from the band today, it will no longer end the band. But time just isn't on their side anymore, even Keith Richards (and MJ) isn't gonna live forever - like some fans used to joke about. Keith may have beaten the drugs, yes he did, but he and Mick, nor you or I, can beat out father time. We are all dancing with Mr D, like it or not!

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