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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: not a gas
Date: Friday, August 04, 2017
Time: 4:50:06 AM
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RE: not a gas

Please don't, I never should have even noted that garbage post. But if you read where I did bring it up, you should have no problem finding it, even if I didn't link to it, thanks to Undercover's work on that section of Gasx3 that's easy to find.

The kid who loves B2B in that post, I believe you mean the teen who makes fun of all of us oldtime fans from the '60s? Yeah, that one was funny from what i remember of it, and I should head back over there since there were some great posts like that one from years ago saved by our long lost Gassy friend. But that Christian Lurker guy (or gal, we'll never know for sure), was a total evil person who doesn't represent your average Christian, well, only the ones on the very far right, or the ones who knock on your door once in a blue moon....

Me a pro-Jewish satanist? Well I love Jews, was raised in a NY Jewish and Italian-American neighborhood, 90% of the people who lived there were one or the other. Now I lived in a state where there are few Jews, and few Italian-Americans, but my home town has a handful of both, along with a few other former New Yorkers, too. Really it's got a bit of everybody here, very diversified, unlike your average small town in the USA in so many ways. But me a satanist? I don't believe in Satan at all, CL was so full of crap and lies that's it's not funny at all to me today looking back at his/her insane post.

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