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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: Posters
Date: Tuesday, August 01, 2017
Time: 11:50:18 AM
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RE: Posters

There were 25 different posters last month, 3 were new posters, and depending on who you count as a regular poster - about 10 who posted often throughout the month. Then the rest are long time regulars who are always around but only post a few times a month, or post a lot for maybe 2 weeks and then totally disappear for another 2 weeks. The thing that got me were all of the former regular posters who wrote in for a new password when they were needed about 2 months ago, long time regulars who haven't posted in a year or longer, like Ginda, Payphone Al, Jiving Sister Jan (well she stopped posting in January of this year) etc, and they all got new passwords but they never posted. Ginda and JSJ both wrote me and noted they were gonna return, but so far nothing yet from them (come on gals!). Then there were a handful who I wrote too, like my old friend Undercover, who wrote me back and said he would return, but he never got a new password, or 2000 Man, who was always a close internet friend of mine since the late '90s, and who was always so loyal to Gasland, yet he never wrote me back, and that was strange. So you never know what has happened to some old posters. It makes sense that one or 2 passed away over the years and we will never know that, and of course, around the mid '00s we started to lose many to the new social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. Those paces really killed most webboards, no question about it.

In the old days, like when the board was at its peak (around 2000-5), and first had the password in place, we averaged about 35 regulars and a good 30 more at least who poster a few times a month. but since only a third of the posts from back then were saved each month, it's very hard to tell for sure, the number could have been a bit higher than that. Before the password system was in place, gosh, we must had have ... I'll guess and say 75 regular posters and well over 100 who posted once in a while (per month)... but... back in those days there was no registration and many of the same people were using more than one handle, so it's impossible to know for sure how many did that, the 75 could have only been 50.

Today we have half the posts here each month and that's fine with me, I have a lot less monthly cleanups today, and the no mini- flame rule that we have is a blessing to say the least. Yet we only ever had 3 main spammers (well, only 2 after the registration/password took hold). But one spammer, the same fool who showed up here last April, was responsible for 90% of all the spam. Can you imagine being so full of evil and hate towards innocent people for no reason at all? Then we also had 2 or 3 other people who used to post here and flame once in a blue moon, but they weren't spammers, they were just people who were actually good people overall who didn't know how to keep their cool and would fame over things that wouldn't bug another person. One of them was why I put the no flames ever rule in effect in March of '16. I see now that it was the best rule I ever came up with and I should have done that years ago, as we haven't had a single flame since (other than that one banned poster who I just noted, who figured his way around the ban set on him, but he isn't a Gasser, so his flames don't count). Flames are still flames, yes, but we haven't had a single true flame or mini-flame from a Gasser since March of 2016 when the total ban went into affect, and I thank all of you Gassers for that!

As I have said over and over again, I'll take today's peaceful board any day over the busy board we used to have, and clearly so do our lurkers, as our posts today are read by more people than the many more posts made here many years ago ever were. I mean, we have the same number of lurkers here today as back in the mid '00s, yet we have half the posters and posts being made than what we had in the mid '00s. So that's a good thing, and the board today brings in more revenue a month from the same click on ads, too! That's why we no longer have fundraisers here anymore, none needed for the last 3 or 4 years now, so thanks to the board's lurkers and Gassers for that too!

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