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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: better than no board
Date: Tuesday, August 01, 2017
Time: 3:38:04 AM
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RE: better than no board

Well, that's how it was made, and I did take input from the Gassers back when I put together the new board in January 2001, when this third and last edition of Gasland was build and put together. The only other choice at that time was to go with what was the new layout for web boards at the time that I hated, and most of the Gassers didn't like either, that being, that any topic that was last commented on would go to the top of the board. Most boards today still have that feature and I still don't like that format. I rather see new posts up on top, not replies to old posts, and you got to start fresh once a month when you do it this way.

You can still post to the old posts and replies from last month - or any month from Jan '01 and up, starting out by going to the board's archive for July 2017 below, and some folks do post in the last month's board. Heck, once in a blue boon a person will make a post even way back to our old CGI original board that we used to use from 1998 till around the summer of 2001, although if a new reply is made there it don't show up there unless I see it and release it, since that old board isn't used anymore as CGI boards were known as web space hogs. Since I don't check for new posts there anymore, they for the most part will never be read or posted, haven't checked for new posts there in about 3 or 4 years now, but I'm talking about replying to posts made 17 or so years ago on average, as the oldest posts made in Gasland that are still in the old archives are from some posts made in January of '99, but the first posts made here in Gasland in 1998, were sadly lost a long time ago, thanks to a sick in the head spammer, before any security was put in place and before we had a password system here. I should note that those old archives can only be reached by the "Archives" link up on top of the board's home page and not in the archive search link below, as that only covers archives from this third edition of Gasland. The 3 or 4 months of posts made on the second edition of Gasx3 from late 2000 were lost for good when that old data base crashed years ago.

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