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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: RE: RE: RE: too many people and bad weather
Date: Saturday, July 15, 2017
Time: 3:27:06 AM
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RE: RE: RE: RE: too many people and bad weather

It would be clearly sexist to run such a poll question. But it would be fine if both sexes were listed. Plus fans can mainly only go by what they have read about a star since we don't really know them personally, making such a question almost impossible to answer.

As far as what I have read throughout the year about different performers, on how they treated their fans while they are up on stage, or when they give out interviews, or how they react to fans when asked for an autographs, Jim Morrison was among the worst as far as being rude to his fans up on stage.... he, along with several punk rockers (like Johnny Rotten), but with the punks, that was a part of their act, too. Grace Slick had a bad reputation, more so to her fellow performers than to her fans. Bob Dylan was another one. If you ever saw Dylan on a bad day, he could be very rude to his audience by not talking to them almost at all. I've been told Van Morrison can come across as real bad, but his problem is that he flat out just doesn't like playing live up on stage.

In the Stones, Charlie Watts of all people is known as the worst member to bug in a bar, he will either flat out ignore you, or give you a dirty look if you come up to him and ask for a autograph.

Liam and Noel Gallagher of Oasis are both known for being rude to everybody it seems. Or Keith Moon acting totally crazy all of time, which in turn some will say was rude. Some of the things Ozzy Osbourne did would be looked at as very rude too, but he and Moon were both half acting, too.

How about drummer Ginger Baker? He seems to hate and put down everybody around him! Keith Richards is real good at putting others down, too, yet to his fans he's not that way at all.

Axl Rose is another known asshole. Then you got one of the top asshole in the business, that being Ted Nugent, who puts down anybody who is different than he - and everybody is different than he!

Then stuff like performers who always showed up late for their shows, to me that is totally a rude thing to do. The Stones are one of the worst in the business on this, or at least they were years ago. Sly Stone was real bad at this, he was know to be a good hour late for most of his shows. When I saw him at MSG in the early '70s, he was well over 2 hours late in getting his show going! Axl Rose comes up again on my list here, as he is one who is always late in getting his shows going, as Jim Morrison comes up again too, another dude who always came on late for most of his songs, that, and often being too drunk to preform well while cursing out his fans from the stage.

But notice on my list, almost no woman are listed! Debra Harry I never seen live and I can only go by what I've read on her, that, and how mean she was up on stage that time when she got into the Rock Hall, being flat out rude for all to see to her former band mates, who she kicked off the stage and refused to play with that night.

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