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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: Jumpin Jack Flash
Date: Thursday, July 06, 2017
Time: 1:00:07 AM
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RE: Jumpin Jack Flash

BJ wasn't on his way out on JJF, only after the sessions for BB was when he was on his way out, not before, and he plays all over BB, although there were lies going about after the LP was released that he didn't not play a lot on the LP, total lies that weren't true because the Glimmers after the sessions decided they din't want him in the band anymore. I can recall the rag Rolling Stones feeding the lies on this, claiming in their terrible review of the LP that Keith played all the guitars on the entire LP including "No Exceptions". Morons!

JJF was the first song recorded for the BB sessions, even though it wasn't on the LP, and the story about this song's recording was that Brian was totally into recording the tune, to the point he loved the song so much and was so excited that after it was recorded that he called up friends and told them that the Stones were back and playing the kind of music they needed to play. Brian plays the only electric guitars on the song, as Keith plays the acoustic guitars - and yes, he also plays the bass on it, too. Bill might have came up with the guitar riff for this song, but the only instrument he plays on this one is the organ.

Guess it should be noted that it has been said that it was Brian and not Keith who played the opening guitar riff to the song, not Keith, and that's why Keith never plays it live on stage. The Stones have only opened the song with it's true opening riff intact twice in all of these years. The first time was with Brian in early '68 in the UK at the Poll winners concert, the first time they ever played the song live, and then Ronnie did play it one time in the NJ Meadowlands, I believe in the '90s. If Keith did play the opening riff on record, why doesn't he ever play it live?

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