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Name: gomper
Subject: North Korea is, thankfully, not there yet
Date: Wednesday, July 05, 2017
Time: 11:57:50 AM
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North Korea is, thankfully, not there yet

The technology to miniaturise a nuclear warhead, place it on a missile that can be launched, go into space, re-enter the atmosphere and then strike a target thousands of miles away is hard to master. Other countries have, of course, done this. But I am certain that North Korea is still years away from achieving these technological milestones.

Still, its pretty scary. Because even if they do not have a reliable, fully functional nuclear armed ICBM, they obviously have some crude nukes, and a number of good intermediate range missiles at the very least. These could cause all sorts of problems and damage.

What's the answer here? Its hard to say. There are simply no good options for the USA. Go to war with North Korea and you have a horrific, prolonged battle that would be costly both in lives and in money. Don't do anything militarily and you allow them to continue their slow march towards having nukes.

Diplomacy? Sanctions? We've been down these roads many times and the regime has shown it can weather severe sanctions including watching their own people suffer through a famine.

North Korea does not aim to become like the United States or the United Kingdom. It just wants nukes to threaten its neighbours like Pakistan or Israel. But that is still a massive problem and they should have been allowed to get as far as they have in this process.

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