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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: RE: Will Donald Trump be
Date: Wednesday, May 10, 2017
Time: 12:57:43 AM
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RE: RE: Will Donald Trump be

By firing Comey today, he just increased his chances of staying in office for the full 4 years - and that's they he did it! You don't really think he fired the man because of his terrible handling of Hillary's emails, as he claims, do you? Hell, as Hillary just noted the other day and everybody already knew, Comey handed Trump the election last year by his mishandling that case. But Comey, a Republican, never really liked Trump either, and he was going after him, investigating his Russian ties. We all know there's something that Trump is hiding there, so Trump fires the man looking into that mess and now he will get to pick his replacement to boot, and you can bet his replacement won't fine a thing wrong with Trump's Russian ties. That FBI investigation was the one main thing that could have lead to Trump being impeached. But knowing Trump, there's still more sharks in his dirty water that he swims in, and he isn't out of the water yet.

But yes, a special prosecutor needs to be hired to investigate Trump's ties to Putin, but guess who controls Congress? That, and with Comey gone now, Trump just might get away with this crime now. Plus we all know who controls Trump!

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