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Name: Keno
Subject: Wireless speakers - non Bluetooth (nsc)
Date: Thursday, May 04, 2017
Time: 5:24:55 AM
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Wireless speakers - non Bluetooth (nsc)

Are all of the old wireless speakers (not Bluetooth) no more? My old 16 year old wi-fi Advent wireless speakers, which plugged into my headphone jack on my old receiver, died awhile back and today I finally went looking for a new one. But I found out that Advent doesn't sell them anymore, nor does it seem anybody else does, at least not new. I can find used Advent wireless speakers on Ebay, even some that are new in the box, but they seem overpriced and I never trusted Ebay. But what happened to the old wireless speakers that came with transmitters? All that is for sale today is Bluetooth this and Bluetooth that, there isn't anything else available for old units, unless I'm missing something when I search? I can buy a adapter so the Bluetooth speakers will work on my old receiver, but that will cost twice the price to get and use.

Does nobody else use old stereo receivers to listen to their music today? Am I that much of a dinosaur? I just don't like these new devices that the kids use today, I rather just use what I've been using all along, but it appears accessories for them aren't sold anymore.

I have wired speakers in almost every enclosed room of my house, other than the bathrooms (plus outside wired speakers on my deck). But I also have my beloved 30 foot tall lookout tower and it would be way too much of a hassle to have wired speakers up there, plus I have no more room on my receiver for hooking up anymore wired speakers anyway. So my old Advents worked great up there, but the main speaker died and now I need a new unit, but there aren't any others around than on Ebay, which again, I don't trust.

My grandson told me tonight that I need to join the real modern day world and get Bluetooth speakers which I can play on my phone, then he started to tell me of all the advantages such speakers have over what I've been using. But I don't even have one of those mobile phones yet (that works), although I'm about to get one, but then what, I got to start repurchasing all the music I already got? Plus when I'm up in my tower, I'm happy to just listen to SiriusXM, and I don't think you can get that on these other devices.

So what are those of us who still use old receivers suppose to do? Or does nobody else use them anymore? I find that hard to believe, do any of you still use an old receiver to listen to your music today? Does anybody know of other wireless speakers out there that work with them? I did try a search and all I can find are these damn Bluetooth speakers. Anybody got any advice for me, besides telling me to join the modern day world?

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