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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: Angie video, slight change in the link!
Date: Monday, May 01, 2017
Time: 11:41:43 AM
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RE: Angie video, slight change in the link!

I've been writing this for a long time now:

If you use the link in the poll menu (only), when you click on where the song's title is in the question, you will be sent to YouTube and the video. If you click on anywhere else in the question, that will take you to where you can vote on the question in our voting booth.

Well, that's no more! Thanks to the multi part Rock poll I'm running right now, I figured out a better way to get up the link to the video instead of how I've always coded it in the past.

(Note, this next paragraph might be a bit hard for some to understand, as I talk about code here and how I solved a linking problem. So feel free to skip over it and and only read the last 2 paragraphs that explain how things now show in the poll question)..... The instructions noted above were simple enough, but many never read this poll post and just vote using the poll menu, especially as the week moves forward. So looking at the Rock poll question, where I added in that special page listing the opening song lyrics, I knew I had to have a separate link set for that outside of the question, and I set it up the way I did, not knowing if it would all fit in the question field or not, since in part, all characters should count towards that word limit that I've noted before in each field, even if all characters aren't seen online (like the coded links). That is, I still have to place the coded link into the field in question, that being in the case of for this week's video, this entire code: "*a href= target=_blank**b*here*/b**/a*" (Note 2, I had to change the opening and closing brackets to a "*" to get the rest of the code to show here on the board)... But all of that comes to 82 characters alone, even if only the word "here" is shown in the question online - along with it's 4 characters. So I found out 2 things, one, I have more characters allowed in the question field than in the field where I place the choices, and 2, the coded link itself doesn't count towards the characters count. So only 4 of those 82 charterers do count, and therefore it all fits in the question field! So I now will code it in this new way instead! It will lead to a lot more less confusion since it now at the poll menu tells you were to click to see the video instead of just sending you there if you click on the song title.

So now, the way it is set up, if you click anywhere on the question, you get sent to the voting booth, even when you click on the part that lists the song title.... just like you normally get sent to on all the other questions asked, but now, only when you click on "here", will you be sent to the link at the music video's page. Yes, this will lead to much less confusion now, but if a question is still too long, then I would still have to code in the old way I was doing it before, but for the most part, this new way of coding should work 90% of the time.

So, you will notice the change when/if you got to the poll menu to vote.

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