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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: Blind man changing a diaper NSC
Date: Friday, April 21, 2017
Time: 12:48:57 AM
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RE: Blind man changing a diaper NSC

I usually carry a backpack and utilize the changing station to hold it when I use the restroom.

I would be careful in doing that.... It could get stolen in an instant!

.... But one of those languages is braille.

How would a blind man even see the changing station in there?

Funny, I never really thought of something like that before, blind parents changing diapers. That can't be too easy a chore to do.

I know guys with 20/20 vision that pull that off.

Years ago, like before the '60s, before woman's lib came around, there were some men who never did that, since they felt it was a woman's job only to do that, or at least that's how they got out of doing it back in those days.

Changing a wet diaper is simple and anybody can do it, it's the shitty ones that you want to avoid. Yet, as all parents will tell you, when it's your kid, you have to do it at least once a day and you actually get totally used to it.... although it's much easier to change a baby girl's shitty diaper than a boy's because of the extra body parts on boys that you got to clean. I never realize that since I wasn't around my only son when he was a baby in diapers. Then I went years not having to change any diapers at all until my first grandson was born, and learned changing a diaper on a boy was worst, so much that after one time doing it, that was it for me! I told my daughter, who was still living with me and her mom, that I would help take care of wet diapers only and she got 100% of the other ones. I could do that since I was the grandpa now and grandparents don't have to change diapers, heck, my parents didn't change any of my kids diapers! But talk about a real shitty job!

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