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Name: Keno
Subject: Everybody please read this NSC post
Date: Sunday, April 09, 2017
Time: 4:35:49 PM
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Everybody please read this NSC post

For the last 2 weeks or so, one former banned Gasser has been placing nasty flame posts here on the board using different handles like ďI tell no lies", and this morning he had the balls to use my handle when he posted his latest flame.

First, to any new lurkers reading this, they should know that neither I nor any other Gassers post flames here, there havenít been any flames posted by any current Gassers here in well over a year. We are a very peaceful group of people, we donít do that, and this paragraph is for new lurkers visiting for the first or second time only, so they know that now too.

So yes, one banned flamer figured out how to get around being banned, as there's only one way to get around it (for now). So now I'm gonna have to go and spend money to fix that problem, thanks to this one lone asshole spammer, and this means that every Gasser is going to have to get a new password, too. So be aware of that, and the fact that he isnít just flaming me, he flaming all of us.

Who is this spammer? I'm 90% sure that itís Paul S, who lives outside of Pittsburgh, PA (yes, I got his full name, and full home address, but I will not post that here, only his first name). He is posting using a Verizon ISP server (I can't post his old handle since it was banned and that part of banning still works 100% here, so even I canít post his handle here), but he used the use the old Stones Ď60s song that is titled GUW aka GUAW from the LP 12x5, as his handle. He doesn't even try to cover his tracks, since he can't. Now there is one other person it could be - his friend who also lives in the very same area, and who also uses Verizon, and who was also banned well over a year ago. Iím not posting his name here since I sure it's Paul only, but since they both use the same ISP and live in the very same area, there's the chance it could be the other guy. A trace will be made by law enforcement and Verizon after the next flame is posted, as Verizon insisted I get in touch with the law and file a report first, or they won't do anything, other than to agree that itís all coming from their servers in Pittsburgh.

I saved and still have 2 very nasty emails from a few years ago that Paul sent me after he was banned, and it all fits the very same words and same tactics that only he uses when he flames here. He used to flame here regularly for years and only stopped after he was banned. Then about a year later he wrote me 2 emails, and then I knew 100% for sure that it was he all along. The other person noted above never flamed in that matter, never, and although he was banned for a flame post made here, that post was nothing like how Paul flames, and all of those rude flames would have been still happening for several years had the other person been the one posting them. Truth of the matter is, in 18 plus years, there has never been another flamer making these kinds of flames here, period.

Up till now I didn't say a word here about these flames, but his using my handle this morning was the last straw. There's been one Gasser who had been on alert against this person, sending me a couple of emails when he spotted his flames, and I thank this Gasser for that, so none of the flames were up too long, as I caught the other ones. But unlike Paul, I have real life and have better things to do than watch the board all day long. BUT, and this is important, all of you Gassers and lurkers can help me and the board on this 24/7, that way I don't have be the only one checking for his flamesÖ. I need all of you to write me as soon as you see his flames againÖ. That way I only have to check my emails, and I donít need to be online to do that. So when he hits again, please send me an email that alerts me to it, so I can delete the flame ASAP. If you love or just like reading Gasx3, and we have thousands of readers here a day, please write me when you see the next flame, regardless of when it happens, and please donít assume somebody else will write me instead, I donít care how many emails I get on this.

I was told by my townís local sheriff - who will go to bat for me if I need him to, as he's actually friends with my family here (plus itís his job, too), that I need 2 or 3 more flame posts - or any posts by this lowlife, since what I have saved so far was the post headers only, where it shows his IP address, date and time of the post. Those will help catch him, yes, but I didnít save the entire post, since who wants to save crap like that... and that's where the harassment is being made. So I need to keep all of that in the future. In my hurry to get rid of this morning's flame post made, I got rid of it before I remembered to save it! Yes, I still got Paulís nasty emails from the past, and that other stuff I saved will prove who made those other posts, but now I need another flame post from him or whoever before I can move forward. If he has brains and reads this and decided to stop flaming, well then if nothing else, fine, as he will have stopped his flames one way or another. But a new password system is coming, regardless.

Please understand that his actions are causing me physical harm, this morning my heart skipped a beat when I read that garbage which he posted in my name. If he keeps causing me any more harm, he will pay for it legally, since I can trace every single post made here by anybody, even if they use servers that block their true ISP, as such sites that provide that Ė even outside of this country, know who their posters are, and with a court order, they have to produce their records of when the person used their site to try to cover their tracks, itís either that - or they get sued, and they will not let that happen to their business. People who though they were safe using those sites have all gone to jail because they were stupid enough to use those sites while thinking they would never be caught, and thatís a fact you can look up.

But Paul has been the worst flamer this board has ever seen, and he was doing it for years while mainly using aliases to flame with, even when his handle wasn't banned.

Yes, this asshole is now costing me money. The only other option that would cost me nothing money wise is to just close down the board for good. But in doing that, he wins and all the rest of us lose. So I rather pay some cash to defeat him and keep this joint rolling.

If you care about this place, you can help me and Gasland by sending off an email to me as soon as you spot his flames. BTW, our streak of no flames posted by Gassers is still 100% intact, at one year and 3 weeks. Paul is not a Gasser, so nothing he posts counts, but yes, for the first time in over a year, we do have some flames coming from a sick, banned spammer. Plus be aware that there's a chance he will post some kind of reply here claiming he's not Paul, and that I have more than one person who hates me and the rest of you reading this. Fine, I need at least one more post from the asshole regardless of who he is, so I don't care. Plus I already know Paulís a rude jerk, so me publishing his name here is totally covered since I already have proof that he harassed me in the past, I know for a fact he's as asshole even if I don't have 100% proof yet that it's him this time. Iím entitled to my own opinion and Paul is an asshole to say the least, if for only what he did to me in the past. But the next flame or post made by whoever this is will help prove for sure who is behind this. I just got to relax first before I delete it online and remember to save the flame first.

But really, think of it, this guy has no life but to hurt people who he never met. He begged me once to let him back on the board in one of his emails while at the same time he put me down. All of you know me well enough, I am a good guy, and only a handful of posters have ever been banned in the last 18 years, and I have lifted bans in the past to a couple of Gassers who asked me to, after they promised not to post flames again. But Paul is banned for life, and he is going to get himself in trouble with the law next if he keeps posting here, I promise you that.

So in closing, yes, a new password system will be coming soon, one that will stop people from bothering us ever again. In the meanwhile, do let me know the minute you see another flame post. Itís really sad that a group of people can be harassed by one person over nothing, and that a board thatís been around for decades, is put into danger of closing thanks to one person. 10 years ago I didnít let this kind of crap bug me too much, but as an old man today, I cannot and will not tolerate any of this. So please help me and Gasland out and be on the lookout for the next flame made, and thanks for reading this and keep on posting positive stuff only. Oh, and I ask that nobody reply to my post here, if you need to talk to me, feel free by emailing me on this. I would love to hear back from you, but not in a reply to this post, as the less written here about this nut, the better. I only made this post since I had to, to alert everybody about him. But he is physically hurting me, and I know that admitting that fact here is just what he wants to read, but he or whoever is making these sick flames will pay for it in one way or another. Hell, even if his sick posts kill me, murder charges can be made against the writer of those flame posts, since he is also committing crimes against the elderly (Iím old enough for that to apply), and since I just publicly stated that here. I do want this culprit charged if any of this continues or happens, and he is clearly breaking U.S. law in his posting harassing flames and here. He has been warned!

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