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Name: Keno
Subject: RE:Charlie really did slug Mick, plus JF read this
Date: Friday, March 17, 2017
Time: 4:17:58 AM
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RE:Charlie really did slug Mick, plus JF read this

I never heard MJ ever say anything derogatory about his fellow mates.

Well I have, be it a long time ago, and nothing to bad, but still he's human and he has said in the past a thing or 2 that I think later on he wishes he didn't say, since no, he isn't the kind to put down his band mates, or really anybody.

But it was Keith who first told this story in detail in Esquire magazine*** (I was thinking he did address it in his book, too). But according to Keith, sometime in the 1980s, a drunken Mick Jagger called up Charlie in the middle of the night, and when Charlie answered, he asked “Is my drummer there?”. Then according to Keith, Charlie got dressed into a tux, went over to MJ's hotel room, where the Glimmers were, and Charlie said to Mick “Never call me your drummer again, you're my fucking singer” and then punched him in the face so forcefully that Mick went flying into the hotel window so hard that he almost went through the window.

Now, that was Keith's story of what went down, and yes, we know that Keith has told some untrue tales throughout the years, and when he tells true stories, he often exaggerates things a lot.... Yet those inside the Stones camp say this happened and was at least part true. But more important, is that Charlie confirmed the story, although he said that he only pushed him to the floor and that he wasn't proud of that, but he felt he had to do it at the time.... MJ has never said a word about this.... So who knows how it really went down, but if Charlie has stated that it did happen (at least to some extent), then I believe him. But I bet there wasn't as much drama to it as Keith claimed.

I'll also note that Keith has said many classless things about Brian and Mick J, and maybe Mick T and Bill, throughout the years. He only may have said nasty stuff about Bill and MT directly after they left the band, but he has said plenty about Brian and MJ on several different occasions. I mean, saying in your book (I think that's where he first said it, but he may have said it before that) that your so called best friend has a small dick, is not too classy.

***I was thinking this was published in an interview in Esquire with Dr. Hunter S. Thompson, but maybe not. But it was published somewhere, and Keith had been in that mag several tines in the past.

But I only could find the following interview online of when the crazed doctor did a live interview for Esquire with Keith, one that I haven't seen in a few years, but that I have linked to from here before, too, be it years ago. It's still an interesting interview to check out again even if you seen it before. For our younger lurkers who may not know who the godfather of gonzo journalism was; he was known sometimes as just "Dr. Thompson", and he was one of Colorado's most famous citizens, some have called him the American version of Keith Richards, thanks to his/their common love of drugs, booze, and guns (which he would later kill himself with for a crazy reason), and most famous for his book and later made movie Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (talk about a totally crazy book and movie!).

But in this interview, a few things (and this is the part that JF might want to see since Keith once again notes that the Stones only got their break directly because of the Beatles and then takes off his hat to Lennon).... The Jagger/Watts story doesn't come up here, but it did come up in a printed interview. Keith does gets the facts wrong in this interview too, stating that only one person died and another person was born at Altmount, and that isn't true at all. 4 people were confirmed killed there, and there were no babies born there at all, which according to the latest book about Altmount released last year (Altmount by Joel Selvin, a book I recommend to all Stones and Dead fans to read), states this as all being proven facts. So that great line stated by Keith that "The same amount of people who came also left" isn't true.

Anyway, here is a link to that interview: Hunter S. Thompson Interviews Keith Richards - 1993. Since another thing that Hunter and Keith have, or had in common, is that they both can at times be hard to understand when they talk, so you will need to listen very closely to both of them to understand exactly what they are saying and talking about.... I'll add that I also found some of the comments that some of the uses left on the page interesting, too.

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