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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: Foot of snow coming
Date: Wednesday, March 15, 2017
Time: 1:37:57 AM
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RE: Foot of snow coming

So what happened to the storm??

Only in NYC can you get just 4" of snow and it makes headline news and closes down all the schools and businesses. That sure doesn't happen out west, if Colorado closed their schools every time we got 4" of snow, our schools and state would be closed for half the year. The kids in the town I live in don't even know what a snow day is! I've lived in this town for 17 years now, and although we see many snowstorms, and we see about 3 times the snow a year than NYC sees per year, the schools have never closed once because of snow. They do close the schools sometimes over on the front range, like in Denver, but they at least wait until over a foot falls first until that do that. I never heard of closing down an entire city a day in advance like they do in NYC, then it goes and rains instead and the city loses yet another work day and all the money involved in shutting down everything over nothing.

If there is one thing Colorado does better than NY ever does, it's how we handle snow. Perhaps it's because out here people don't hate snow like they do back east. When you fear something, you become it's slave and lose to it every-time. Out here we look at snow as money falling out of the sky, it means great skiing, that tourists will be here soon to play in it, and its our drinking water, too, along with making our beautiful mountains look even more awesome. New Yorkers only look at snow as gloom. Back when I grew up there I never understood that in my fellow New Yorkers, I mean 99% of them hated snow, yet I loved snow even there, but at least now I live in a place where most people love it too. I recall how on the TV news back east all of the newscasters hated snow and would say that and complaint over and over again. Out here you mainly hear the news people only complain when we have a lack of snow and we got to worry about the next summer's water supply and people's wells running dry. Funny how that all is.

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